4 cool new projects to try in COPR for January

4 packages to try from the Copr repos

COPR is a collection of personal repositories for software that isn’t carried in Fedora. Some software doesn’t conform to standards that allow easy packaging. Or it may not meet other Fedora standards, despite being free and open source. COPR can offer these projects outside the Fedora set of packages. Software in COPR isn’t supported by Fedora infrastructure or signed by the project. However, it can be a neat way to try new or experimental software.

Here’s a set of new and interesting projects in COPR.


Elisa is a minimal music player. It lets you browse music by albums, artists or tracks. It automatically detects all playable music in your ~/Music directory, thus it requires no set up at all – neither does it offer any. Currently, Elisa focuses on being a simple music player, so it offers no tools for managing your music collection.

Installation instructions

The repo currently provides Elisa for Fedora 26, 27 and Rawhide. To install Elisa, use these commands:

sudo dnf copr enable eclipseo/elisa
sudo dnf install elisa

Bing Wallpapers

Bing Wallpapers is a simple program that downloads Bing’s wallpaper of the day and sets it as a desktop wallpaper or a lock screen image. The program can rotate over pictures in its directory in set intervals as well as delete old pictures after a set amount of time.

Installation instructions

The repo currently provides Bing Wallpapers for Fedora 25, 26, 27 and Rawhide. To install Bing Wallpapers, use these commands:

sudo dnf copr enable julekgwa/Bingwallpapers
sudo dnf install bingwallpapers


Polybar is a tool for creating status bars. It has a lot of customization options as well as built-in functionality to display information about commonly used services, such as systray icons, window title, workspace and desktop panel for bspwm, i3, and more. You can also configure your own modules for your status bar. See Polybar’s wiki for more information about usage and configuration.

Installation instructions

The repo currently provides Polybar for Fedora 27. To install Polybar, use these commands:

sudo dnf copr enable tomwishaupt/polybar
sudo dnf install polybar


Netdata is a distributed monitoring system. It can run on all your systems including PCs, servers, containers and IoT devices, from which it collects metrics in real time. All the information then can be accessed using netdata’s web dashboard. Additionally, Netdata provides pre-configured alarms and notifications for detecting performance issue, as well as templates for creating your own alarms.

Installation instructions

The repo currently provides netdata for EPEL 7, Fedora 27 and Rawhide. To install netdata, use these commands:

sudo dnf copr enable recteurlp/netdata
sudo dnf install netdata
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  1. Costa A.

    How “safe” are packages from the copr repo?

  2. Bruce Schneider

    Nice way to give root on your system to random strangers…

    COPR badly needs a sandboxing mechanism.

  3. Clime

    I guess it depends on how much trust you put into individual COPR projects. COPR is not koji but a lot could be done if we had an established review process or at least possibility to give feedback on packages in a COPR project.

  4. Rene Reichenbach

    Due to gnome boxes its easy to have a fedora VM running to test in case of knowledge and distrust … besides this i guess the author of this article at least is confident that the packages are clean and provides kind of a review for the presented packages.

    Thx for sharing its good to have an eye on new software.

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