4 cool new projects to try in Copr for August 2022

Copr is a build system for anyone in the Fedora community. It hosts thousands of projects for various purposes and audiences. Some of them should never be installed by anyone, some are already being transitioned to the official Fedora Linux repositories, and the rest are somewhere in between. Copr gives you the opportunity to install third-party software that is not available in Fedora Linux repositories, try nightly versions of your dependencies, use patched builds of your favorite tools to support some non-standard use cases, and just experiment freely.

If you don’t know how to enable a repository or if you are concerned about whether it is safe to use Copr, please consult the project documentation.

This article takes a closer look at interesting projects that recently landed in Copr.


Ntfy is a simple HTTP-based notification service that allows you to send notifications to your devices using scripts from any computer. To send notifications ntfy uses PUT/POST commands or it is possible to send notifications via ntfy CLI without any registration or login. For this reason, choose a hard-to guess topic name, as this is essentially a password.

In the case of sending notifications, it is as simple as this:

$ ntfy publish beer-lovers "Hi folks. I love beer!"
{"id":"4ZADC9KNKBse", "time":1649963662, "event":"message", "topic":"beer-lovers", "message":"Hi folks. I love beer!"}

And a listener who subscribes to this topic will receive:

$ ntfy subscribe beer-lovers
{"id":"4ZADC9KNKBse", "time":1649963662, "event":"message", "topic":"beer-lovers", "message":"Hi folks. I love beer!"}

If you wish to receive notifications on your phone, then ntfy also has a mobile app for Android so you can send notifications from your laptop to your phone.

Installation instructions

The repo currently provides ntfy for Fedora Linux 35, 36, 37, and Fedora Rawhide. To install it, use these commands:

sudo dnf copr enable cyqsimon/ntfysh
sudo dnf install ntfysh


If you use light mode during the day but want to protect your eyesight overnight and switch to dark mode, you don’t have to do it manually anymore. Koi will do it for you!

Koi provides KDE Plasma Desktop functionality to automatically switch between light and dark mode according to your preferences. Just set the time and themes.

Installation instructions

The repo currently provides Koi for Fedora Linux 35, 36, 37, and Fedora Rawhide. To install it, use these commands:

sudo dnf copr enable birkch/Koi
sudo dnf install Koi


SwayNotificationCenter provides a simple and nice looking GTK GUI for your desktop notifications.

You will find some key features such as do-not-disturb mode, a panel to view previous notifications, track pad/mouse gestures, support for keyboard shortcuts, and customizable widgets. SwayNotificationCenter also provides a good way to configure and customize via JSON and CSS files.

More information on https://github.com/ErikReider/SwayNotificationCenter with screenshots at the bottom of the page.

Installation instructions

The repo currently provides SwayNotificationCenter for Fedora Linux 35, 36, 37, and Fedora Rawhide. To install it, use these commands:

sudo dnf copr enable erikreider/SwayNotificationCenter
sudo dnf install SwayNotificationCenter

Webapp Manager

Ever want to launch your favorite websites from one place? With WebApp manager, you can save your favorite websites and run them later as if they were an apps.

You can set a browser in which you want to open the website and much more. For example, with Firefox, all links are always opened within the WebApp.

WebApp manager showcase

Installation instructions

The repo currently provides WebApp for Fedora Linux 35, 36, 37, and Fedora Rawhide. To install it, use these commands:

sudo dnf copr enable perabyte/webapp-manager
sudo dnf install webapp-manager
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  1. Marcus

    Love the ntfy.sh client idea! If you want something a bit less dependent on hard-to-guess room names: Simply use an established chat system, and a CLI client for that. I’ll plug matrix here, which is how I get my notifications (that aren’t emails). Most of my interfacing with matrix is done through python scripts, but for command line usage, like ntfy, matrix-commander seems like a nice thing. Not a COPR, though. However, user installable via pip (

    pip3 install --user matrix-commander


  2. Really liked nfty. Thank you!

  3. cyqsimon

    Ayyy I’m pretty happy and proud that my


    package made the list. My original intention when I made the package was to deploy to my EL8 servers as self-hosted private instances, but I’m glad people are finding it useful on the desktop as well.
    Anyways, please go support the author of this awesome piece of software – I’m not sure if he’s accepting donations for the moment, so contribute code if you can! I’m sure he will appreciate it, especially considering he’s about to be pretty busy with his new baby daughter.

  4. Jerry_D

    I also find this command line tool and python library for build reports from every source: database, log file, csv, ldap 389, nosql database and others…
    This is a copr link: https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/matteoguadrini/pyreports/

    So, the ntfysh is very beautiful tool!

  5. Andrew

    Thanks for letting us know about Web App Manager. It created a desktop icon for my web-based note-taking app and launches it in a clean window with no unnecessary toolbars. Perfect.

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