Ryan Lerch

LibreOffice online announced by Collabora

Collabora are working on LibreOffice online, an Open Source alternative to Google Docs and Office 365.

How to get Emoji to display on Fedora

Emoji, the cute Ideograms that are now part of Unicode are now used fairly widely in messaging, especially on mobile devices. However, if you receive a message from someone with an Emoji on it, or view a page online what… Continue Reading →

Maria Leandro: How do you Fedora?

Maria Leandro discusses how she uses Fedora with Open Source graphics software for photography and graphic design.

Login screen in Fedora 22 Workstation uses Wayland

Fedora 21 Workstation added the ability to log in and run a Wayland session from the login screen (GDM), leaving the login screen itself running using the older X protocol. This is changing with a new feature in Fedora 22… Continue Reading →

Firefox 36 available in Fedora 21 and Fedora 20

Last week, Mozilla released version 36 of the Firefox web browser, and the updated packages are now also available from the Fedora repositories. This new update provides a handful of new features, and over 3600 bugfixes, changes, and added support for… Continue Reading →

Eric Mesa: How do you Fedora?

We recently interviewed Fedora user Eric Mesa on how he uses Fedora.  This is part of a series here on the Fedora Magazine where we will profile Fedora users and how they use Fedora to get things done. If you… Continue Reading →

Major Hayden: How do you Fedora?

We recently interviewed Fedora user and contributor Major Hayden on how he uses Fedora.  This is the first installment of a new series here on the Fedora Magazine where we will profile Fedora users and how they use Fedora to… Continue Reading →

Use Focuswriter for a distraction-free writing experience on Fedora

Writing can be hard. One of the main obstacles that people encounter when sitting down to write something is all the distractions that a modern desktop throws at you such as cats on the internet, cats on twitter, and cats… Continue Reading →

5 great monospaced fonts for code and terminal in Fedora

Because they spend most of their days looking at them, most sysadmins and developers are pretty choosy when it comes to choosing a monospaced type face for use in there terminal emulator or text editor. Here are five great monospace… Continue Reading →

Inkscape 0.91 Released, available in Fedora soon

Inkscape just released version 0.91 of their Open Source vector graphics editor, and the new package will soon be available in the stable repositories for Fedora 21. Inkscape 0.91 is the first major release of Inkscape for a few years,… Continue Reading →

See what’s coming in Fedora 22 Workstation

Even though Fedora 21 is just over a month old, the Fedora Workstation developers are already hard at work planning the next release, Fedora 22. In a detailed post on his blog, Christian Schaller details some of the areas that… Continue Reading →

Duplicate ISOs to multiple USB drives with MultiWriter

A brand new application called MultiWriter has just hit the Fedora 21 repositories that allows you to write a single ISO (eg. the Fedora Workstation Live Image) to multiple USB drives all at the same time. The application is super… Continue Reading →

No More updates for Fedora 19

As of this Tuesday, 6th January 2015 there will be no more updates provided for Fedora 19 (aka End Of Life). This includes all security, bugfix and enhancement updates, so it is highly recommended to upgrade your Fedora installations to… Continue Reading →

Builder fundraiser now open for donations

The fundraiser for the Builder IDE is now open. Builder is an ambitious new piece of software that aims to be a complete IDE for developers wanting to make applications for GNOME (and of course, Fedora) The fundraising campaign page… Continue Reading →

Upgrading to Fedora 21 Workstation from Fedora 20

Fedora 21 was released yesterday, and if you are running Fedora 20 as a desktop, you will probably want to upgrade to the latest and greatest version of Fedora. Luckily, there is a tool called FedUp that is the most… Continue Reading →

What’s new in the graphics stack in Fedora 21?

Every release of Fedora introduces a wide range of updates to the graphics stack from a wide range of upstream projects. Fedora 21 includes a range of updates and feature enablement to many elements of the graphics stack, including: new… Continue Reading →

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