Get cooking with GNOME Recipes on Fedora

Do you love to cook? Looking for a better way to manage your recipes using Fedora? GNOME Recipes is an awesome application available to install in Fedora to store and organize your recipe collection.

GNOME Recipes is an recipe management tool from the GNOME project. It has the visual style of a modern GNOME style application, and feels similar to GNOME Software, but for food.

Installing GNOME Recipes

Recipes is available to install from the 3rd party Flathub repositories. If you have never installed an application from Flathub before, set it up using the following guide:

Install Flathub apps on Fedora

After correctly setting up Flathub as a software source, you will be able to search for and install Recipes via GNOME Software.

Recipe management

Recipes allows you to manually add your own collection of recipes, including photos, ingredients, directions, as well as extra metadata like preparation time, cuisine style, and spiciness.

When entering in a new item, GNOME Recipes there are a range of different measurement units to choose from, as well as special tags for items like temperature, allowing you to easily switch units.

Community recipes

In addition to manually entering in your favourite dishes for your own use, it also allows you to find, use, and contribute recipes to the community. Additionally, you can mark your favourites, and search the collection by the myriad of metadata available for each recipe.

Step by step guidance

One of the awesome little features in GNOME Recipes is the step by step fullscreen mode. When you are ready to cook, simply activate this mode, move you laptop to the kitchen, and you will have a full screen display of the current step in the cooking method. Futhermore, you can set up the recipes to have timers displayed on this mode when something is in the oven.

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  1. Mustafa Yaman

    I actually love it! Everyone likes food lol

  2. svsv sarma

    At last a family friendly app also. Yes, who is not interested in food? I will try if any variety vegetarian (Indian) recipes can be learnt. Thank you.

  3. How are the community recipes licensed? Creative Commons?

  4. Silvia

    Any chances to have this in repos?

  5. Jason

    Cool, can I search with it? I have 3 eggs, flour and sugar, what can I make?

    • vancha

      Not yet, but it would make for a great feature request 😉

  6. john duchek

    This partially working on my Fedora 29. It installed and I can download programs, but when I do I get all sorts of SELinux security notifications, mostly about umount. After they announce themselves the software finally installs.

  7. Yazan Al Monshed

    that cool, but it’s repo only available in flathubl?

  8. carl

    I have used this for a while, and found it useful. My biggest complaint is about units of measure. Some measures that I enter in cups get changed to tablespoons, or similar changes. The conversions are accurate, but inconvenient to measure.
    The change probably is caused by portion conversions, you can enter a recipe for a number of servings, like 4, and rescale the recipe for a different number, and the program will adjust ingredient amounts.

  9. anon

    It would be nice if they added a few more common units like “dash” or “clove”.

    Similar to Daniel’s question, I wonder who would be responsible if a user shared a large number of recipes from a cook book or blog. With or without attribution that seems like it might present a legal problem if the publisher or blogger complained.

  10. Michael

    Recipes cannot be copyrighted. However, parts might be. For example, the text “My grandmother Mary used to make this every Sunday….” should not be carried over from a cookbook. The straight up ingredients and instructions are fine. Otherwise, we’d have a lot of authors in trouble for white sauce or boiled eggs.

  11. Luca

    An android version would be nice! In kitchen often there’s no space for a notebook/PC…

  12. Awesome post!

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