GNOME 3.32 released & coming to Fedora 30

Today, the GNOME project announced the release of GNOME 3.32.

The release of the GNOME desktop is the default desktop environment in the upcoming release of Fedora 30 Workstation. GNOME 3.32 includes a wide range of enhancements, including: new default application icons, a new emoji chooser in the on screen keyboard, and improved per-app permissions control.

GNOME 3.32

New Icons

GNOME 3.32 features a range of UI tweaks and improvements. Notably, the entire default icon library has been updated and refreshed, featuring more vibrant colours.

Some of the new icons in GNOME 3.32

Additionally, the colours of the desktop are tweaked to the brighter colour palette to match the new icons.

App Menus deprecated

In GNOME 3. the App Menu is the dropdown that appeared in the top left of the panel next to the Activities hotspot. As of GNOME 3.32, this UI feature is deprecated, and all core GNOME default applications now no longer have App Menus.

Fractional Scaling

Previously, the GNOME UI could only scale in increments of 1. With the wide range of different DPI screens available this may cause a strange middle ground on some displays, where the UI is either too small or too large when scaled. GNOME 3.32 provides experimental support for scaling the UI by more granular amounts.

Better emoji input

GNOME 3.32 features an updated on-screen keyboard implementation. Most notably, this includes the ability to easily “type” emoji with the on-screen keyboard

Emoji on-screen keyboard in GNOME 3.32

Improved App permissions control

The new “Application Permissions” in the main settings dialog allows users to view and change permissions for applications.

Read more about this release

There are many more changes and enhancements in this major version of GNOME. Check out the release announcement and the release notes from the GNOME Project for more information.

Screenshots in this post are from the GNOME 3.32 release notes

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  1. Joe Fidler

    Great news. Looking forward to the F30 release so can try this.

  2. I hope this is more adaptable and lighter than previous ones which froze from time to time

    • JP

      I just upgraded to a new 6 cores 12 threads cpu, and my boot and app speed is 5x. I used my Linux on a 2 core and it just lagged every year getting worse by 20 sec a year until it took 3min to boot and apps took 25sec or more to load. Now is 25sec boot and 5 sec load times in my 3 years Linux setup. Once the new ones come it should be around 15 to 20 sec boot with 3 sec app load. Computers are doing a lot more behind the curtain now.

      • Sebastiaan Franken

        The lagging of your computer has nothing to do with your CPU in 99% of cases. It’s your harddrive/SSD that’s the bottleneck these days.

  3. tjakobsen

    Yay! ^^

  4. I already switched to F30 on Silverblue and I’m waiting for this. Thanks Ryan for sharing this with us.

  5. Mehdi

    Impressive. Looking forward to it!

  6. The link to the GNOME 3.32 release should be:

    Somehow privacy badger is blocking the inline images in this article.

  7. John Smith

    I hope they finally fixed the Evolution Wayland bug. If you use Evolution under Wayland, you cannot insert emojis in an email message without getting a dialog popping up with some message to “allow” something.

  8. Kostas

    Awesome! Looking forward to F30 and Gnome 3.32.

  9. Rafael

    alguma previsão para o lançamento do Fedora 30?

  10. ivanov17

    And when Budgie desktop will come in Fedora?

  11. Timur

    Is there any way, maybe a copr repo, to try this on Fedora 29?

  12. Bocks

    Desktop icons?

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