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Are you interested in how Fedora is being developed? Do you want to get involved, or see what goes into making a release? You want to check out Fedora Discussion. It is a relatively new place where members of the Fedora Community meet to discuss, ask questions, and interact. Keep reading for more information.

Note that the Fedora Discussion system is mainly aimed at contributors. If you have questions on using Fedora, check out Ask Fedora (which is being migrated in the future).

Fedora Discussion is a forum and discussion site that uses the Discourse open source discussion platform.

There are already several categories useful for Fedora users, including Desktop (covering Fedora Workstation, Fedora Silverblue, KDE, XFCE, and more) and the Server, Cloud, and IoT category . Additionally, some of the Fedora Special Interest Groups (SIGs) have discussions as well. Finally, the Fedora Friends category helps you connect with other Fedora users and Community members by providing discussions about upcoming meetups and hackfests.

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  1. svsv sarma

    whenever a kernel update is involved, i invariably get a message “failed to start load kernel module …..” at boot time and i had to dracut regenerate! even after reinstalling fedora ws29 the trouble continue after some days of usage. perhaps grub2 installation and virtualbox do not agree with each other? where to search for a solution and under what category of discussion?
    thanks for the start of fedora discussion.

    • Hi svsv sarma,
      If you go to the Fedora Discussion site mentioned in the article, you will very likely find someone who has your answer, or can help you figure it out. I may even be there since I am often. I find the people from the community there are more than willing to help through some of the technical difficulties that may be encountered.

  2. tablepc

    We already have Fedora Forum and Ask Fedora not to mention the “insider” sites like Planet Fedora. I see this is organized differently and there are some more specific topic areas. It would have been better to implement this as a collaboration with one of the existing sites like Fedora Forum and release the result under the existing site name and URL. Having multiple sites fragments the community. That is counter getting more people to contribute to the Fedora project. I think the best case would be to have one site to serve the whole community (contributing and non-contributing users) rather than another site that competes with the existing sites.

  3. David

    I need a little help understanding a few things about this os. videos that played before don’t play now. I am quite uneducated as far as some of the apps and installations go.

    • Hello David,
      If you go to the Fedora Discussion site mentioned, I am sure you will find someone there willing to help.

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