Ankur Sinha "FranciscoD"

Make a Github Pages blog with Pelican

Pelican is a utility that lets you create beautiful weblogs using just text files. The files can be in reStructured Text or Markdown formats, which are both simple to learn. Like other blog software, you can make both timed posts and… Continue Reading →

How Fedora monitors upstream releases

Have you updated your Fedora system recently? Hopefully you do this regularly. Updates fix various bugs and even add new features to your most loved applications. An update, to our users, is generally a notification from the Software application. If you’re… Continue Reading →

Managing packages on Fedora with DNF

Fedora 22 shipped with a rather significant change under the hood: the introduction of DNF (DaNdiFied YUM) as the default package manager. The change is visible only to users that used YUM to work with Fedora packages. Users that use… Continue Reading →

Fedora 22 will contain some fc21 packages

If you update your Fedora 22 install using DNF on the command line, you may notice that some of the packages that are downloaded and installed still have the release label of fc21 in the package name. For example, if… Continue Reading →

Managing your finances with GNUCash

Managing one’s finances is an unavoidable chore in life. You will need to employ it sooner or later — the sooner you try it, the better. Luckily, there is a great open source tool available for all your budgeting needs – GNUCash…. Continue Reading →

Friday Fun! OpenTTD – An open source simulation game based on Transport Tycoon Deluxe

With a little hunting, you can find some fantastic games on Fedora if you look. Recently, I unearthed OpenTTD and have been having a great time playing it! I haven’t been playing games regularly for a few years now –… Continue Reading →

Ask Fedora – Getting Started and Helping Out

Most of you would know of Ask Fedora – the Askbot instance we, the Fedora community, set up as another channel to help out our users at – the other pre-existing channels are – the many mailing lists, especially user@lists.fp.o… Continue Reading →

Tracking your time and tasks on Fedora

Being a research student is really tough. I mean tough! The most difficult part is keeping up the self discipline, day after day, week after week. As a research student, you make your own schedule, you even make your own… Continue Reading →

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