Fedora classroom: Building Container images with Buildah

Fedora Classroom sessions continue with an introductory session on the use of Buildah to create container images. The general schedule for sessions is availble on the wiki, along with resources and recordings from previous sessions.

Topic: Building container images with Buildah

Containers are becoming the de facto standard for building and distributing applications. Fedora as a modern operating system already supports container use by default. As with every new technology, there are different applications and services available for adopting it. This classroom will explain and demonstrate the Buildah command line tool for building container images and its implementation in Fedora 29.

Here’s the agenda for the Classroom session:

  • Quick overview of What is a container image?
  • Deep dive into container architecture.
  • Container runtimes.
  • Building container images from commandline.
  • Building container images using Dockerfile.
  • Running Buildah within a container.

When and where

  • The session will be held on the Jitsi video-conferencing platform. Please use this URL to join the session: https://meet.jit.si/20190115-buildah
  • It will be held on  Tuesday, January 15 at 1600 UTC.  (Please click the link to see the time in your time zone.)


Dan Walsh is a Distinguished Engineer for Red Hat. Dan is a recognized expert in Linux Security and container technologies. He has been working on container technologies for the last 17 years at Red Hat. Dan now leads the Container Runtime team at Red Hat. Responsible for the CRI-O, Buildah, Podman, and Skopeo projects.

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  1. cool! try it!

  2. Krister

    Question (just to make sure, I don’t want to miss it): Is it on tuesday the 15th or thursday on the 17th of january? The above info says thursday on the 15th.

  3. FF

    Нi colleagues, іts great article concerning educationand
    completely defined, kеep it up ɑll the timе.

  4. Earl Ramirez

    Will this session be recorded; unfortunately, I will not be able to attend.

  5. Ranjan

    Will there be video made avaiable after the conference for those who can not make it at that time?

  6. Till

    The Jitsi-URL is not a clickable link, would be great to fix this in the future.

  7. Tom Sweeney

    Got into the meeting, but it was only a gray screen with notifications as people entered/eft. Was there tech issues, or user issues on my end? If me, will there be a recording somewhere?

  8. We had techincal issues with Jitsi so this session did not go on as planned. We will reschedule and send out another announcement. Thanks for coming, and sorry for the inconvenience.

  9. Oh.. Cool.. Let’s try it..

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