If you update your Fedora 22 install using DNF on the command line, you may notice that some of the packages that are downloaded and installed still have the release label of fc21 in the package name. For example, if you install or update GitPython on Fedora 22, you will get the following package:


While some other packages have the fc22 label, like the main git package:


.. and this is perfectly all right. Usually, for a new release, the entire Fedora package set is rebuilt. This time around, however, there wasn’t enough time in the Fedora 22 cycle for this “mass rebuild” as it’s called. These packages from Fedora 21 will not cause any issues in your Fedora 22 installations at all. So, if you do run dnf commands and notice these in the transactions, please do not let them worry you.

If you do have questions, please ask the community at http://ask.fedoraproject.org!