Pravin Satpute: How do you Fedora?

We recently interviewed Pravin Satpute on how he uses Fedora. This is part of a series on the Fedora Magazine where we profile Fedora users and how they use Fedora to get things done. If you are interested in being interviewed for a further installment of this series, you can contact us on the feedback form.

Who is Pravin Satpute?

Pravin Satpute started using Linux in 2004 when he was working with Dr. Nagarjuna Gadiraju of the Free Software Foundation of India. He was working on a project to develop libre fonts for Indian languages. At that time, he was using Knoppix with the KDE desktop. In 2006, he became interested in Fedora and starting using Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) in 2007 when he was given a laptop with RHEL 5. Quickly after receiving the laptop, he switched to Fedora 8. His childhood heroes were Steve Jobs, Ratan Tata and Sachin Tendulkar. His favorite movies are Inception and The Mummy.

Pravin Satpute: How do you Fedora?

The badge awarded for Internationalization activities.

Fedora Community

Satpute describes the Fedora community as vibrant. As part of the localization and internationalization group, he sees how Fedora community members are leading upstream development. Pravin is part of developing a number of features in Fedora that were later adopted by other distributions.

Pravin has experience with input method development, fonts, Glibc locale, collation, rendering in pango, Qt, packaging and being an Ambassador. Fedora is a perfect place for potential contributors. “If you have any skills, Fedora is an ideal place to work with experts, improve your skills further, and see your work implemented and used by millions,” says Satpute.

Satpute credits Jens PetersenParag Nemade, and Rahul Sundaram as people who assisted and motivated him to contribute to the Fedora Project. He thanks Peterson for the I18N SIG and Haskell, Nemade for the packaging SIG, and Sundaram for motivating Pravin to undertake community development work like Marketing and being an Ambassador.

What hardware?

Pravin uses a ThinkPad T440p with multiple virtual machines. The laptop is equipped with 16GB of RAM, a 250GB SSD drive, and a 1920×1080 screen. The memory enabled him to run three virtual machines: Fedora Rawhide, Fedora, and RHEL 7.

What software?

Pravin Satpute shows his desktop

Pravin’s desktop using Firefox, XChat, and more

Satpute uses C, C++, and Python for development. He is using Fedora 23 with GNOME and the TODO list extension. The extension helps him to remember tasks. As an i18n developer, he always has a number of input methods enabled. For web browsing, Pravin uses Firefox. For email, he uses Thunderbird. For communicating with the global Fedora community, Satpute uses IRC via the XChat client.



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