Akash Angle: How do you Fedora?

We recently interviewed Akash Angle on how he uses Fedora. This is part of a series on the Fedora Magazine. The series profiles Fedora users and how they use Fedora to get things done. Contact us on the feedback form to express your interest in becoming a interviewee.

Who is Akash Angle?

Akash is a Linux user who ditched Windows some time ago. An avid Fedora user for  the past 9 years, he has tried out almost all the Fedora flavors and spins to get his day to day tasks done. He was introduced to Fedora by a school friend.

What Hardware?

Akash uses a Lenovo B490 at work. It is equipped with an Intel Core i3-3310 Processor, and a 240GB Kingston SSD. “This laptop is great for day to work like surfing the internet, blogging, and a little bit of photo editing and video editing too. Although not a professional laptop and the specs not being that high end, it does the job perfectly,” says Akash.

He uses a Logitech basic wireless mouse and would like to eventually get a mechanical keyboard. His personal computer — which is a custom-built desktop — has the latest 7th-generation Intel i5 7400 processor, and 8GB Corsair Vengeance RAM.

What Software?

Akash is a fan of the GNOME 3 desktop environment. He loves most of the goodies and bells and whistles the OS can throw in for getting basic tasks done.

For practical reasons he prefers a fresh installation as a way of upgrading to the latest Fedora version. He thinks Fedora 29 is arguably the the best workstation out there. Akash says this has been backed up by reviews of various tech evangelists and open source news sites.

To play videos, his go-to is the VLC video player packaged as a Flatpak, which gives him the latest stable version. When Akash wants to make screenshots, the ultimate tool for him is Shutter, which the Magazine has covered in the past. For graphics, GIMP is something without which he wouldn’t be able to work.

Google Chrome stable, and the dev channel, are his most used web browsers. He also uses Chromium and the default version of Firefox, and sometimes even Opera makes its way into the party as well.

All the rest of the magic Akash does is from the terminal, as he is a power user. The GNOME Terminal app is the one for him.

Favorite wallpapers

One of his favorite wallpapers originally coming from Fedora 16 is the following one:

And this is the one he currently uses on his Fedora 29 Workstation today:


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  1. For resources regarding mechanical keyboards I would recommend Geekhack.org and r/MechanicalKeyboard on Reddit.

    • Akash Angle

      Thanks a ton, the above website is extremely resourceful and has helped me to gain few insights into the mechanical keyboard things, and the reddit threads are simply great and intutuive.

      Appreciated, way to go. Cheers !

  2. Hey Akash,

    From a long time linux user(+25 years), take my advice, and get a mechanical keyboard ASAP. I’ve been on mechanicals for years, and the precision for command line usage and long scripting sessions is definitely worth it. It especially makes itself visible on high latency SSH sessions, where the character echo back is a little late, as the mechanical gives you the key feedback instantly but on a membrane, i’m always unsure on whether the key was detected, so i end up typing slower.

    Also, they are not that expensive either. you can get a TVSE Gold with cherry switches for ~₹2k

    Cheers man, and keep rocking.

    • Akash Angle

      Thanks a ton for your valuable inputs. And yes very soon I’m going to get a mechanical keyboard. The TVSE Gold seems to be adorable as of now.

      Much appreciated, yo !

  3. Good story. I like the Fedora 16 wallpaper too.

  4. Hi
    I’m just a newB to python and as usual, it’s not JUST PYTHON but Django, Fedora etc etc.
    Makes one give up!
    Anyway, tell me can python 3.6 0r 3.7 run in a virtual environment enabled in win10, and which server would be the best XAMP or any other?
    Have more questions but let’s see if you are willing to uplift a newB?
    If not all the best to you.

    • Akash Angle

      In case, if you are using Win10 on Fedora? I’m mean Vmware or any other virtual environment software like say boxes or VirtualBox.

      Xamp will be alright, and you can run python with virtual environment enabled on win

      But I find it easier to use on UNIX or Linux distribution.

      For more questions you may directly email me on

  5. Peter Braet

    I’ll dump Fedora for the same reason I’ve dumped Ubuntu: Wayland, if Fedora worked without Wayland I would like it very much. Wayland has intentional bugs.

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