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The Fedora Marketing Team is proud to announce the Fedora Podcast. This ongoing series will feature interviews and talks with people who make the Fedora community awesome. These folks work on new technologies found in Fedora. Or they produce the distro itself. Some work on putting Fedora in the hands of users. There’s so much going on in Fedora, it takes a whole podcast series. The podcast will be released bi-weekly and already has seven episodes planned.

Episode #1

Matthew Miller, the Fedora Project Leader (FPL), talks about the Fedora Project, the Fedora community and other related topics. He touches on the history of Fedora, the relationship with Red Hat, community structure and more.

The episode is also available here:

Future Fedora Podcast topics

  • Ambassadors: “The face of Fedora”: A discussion about the contributors that serve as the face of Fedora. They talk to the general public, organize events, and bring people into the community.
  • Mindshare: “The outreach leadership in Fedora”: Mindshare aims to help Fedora teams reach their targets in a more effective way. The goal is to unify and share their work through optimized, standardized communication.
  • Fedora Magazine: The news portal of the Fedora Community”: The editors of the magazine share information about how the Magazine is made.
  • Atomic: “The Fedora’s next-generation cloud product”: This team works to integrate new OS technology and tools from Project Atomic into Fedora. Here they talk about their amazing technologies.
  • Infrastructure: “The team behind the distro”: Who are the people behind the iron? These incredible people keep everything running, so the whole community can do their work.
  • Modularization: Fedora’s Modularity initiative makes it simple for packagers to create alternative versions of software. It also allows users to consume those streams easily. Listen in as they explain how it all works.

Subscribe to the podcast

You can subscribe to the podcast in Simplecast, follow the Fedora Project on Soundcloud, or periodically check the author’s site on


This podcast is made with the following free software: GNU/Ring, Audacity, and espeak.

The following audio files are also used: Soft echo sweep by bay_area_bobThe Spirit of Nøkken by johnnyguitar01, and Fussion Sound by pilinox.


Fedora Project community Interviews


  1. Hi!

    Any plans to make the podcast available in iTunes? I’m surprised it’s not the first place you would publish it.


  2. Mehdi

    I love you guys!

    This is an amazing announcement!

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Mehdi

    I think it would be nice if download option is enabled for the podcasts like those of StackOverflow podcasts.


    • You can download it from SoundCloud and from the site. For SimpleCast we are.working on it, also the option will be available on future platforms like iTunes and Google Play.

      Thanks for comment!

  4. Jonas Thyssen

    Really great first podcast. Nice and short and to the point. Already looking forward for more!

    But please, don’t play music while you’re talking. It’s so distracting to listen to. 🙂

  5. Does it have to have an RSS feed for it to be a podcast? Audio files enclosed in RSS feeds that users subscribe to. I mean, … that is kind of how podcasts are supposed to work. How can I subscribe to this show in Vocal without an RSS feed?

    • In the “Subscribe to the podcast” section, there’s a link right there to subscribe via RSS on Simplecast. I’ve highlighted this in a few other places too.

  6. Hloper

    Looking forward to listening to the podcast! An RSS subscription feed of some sort would be awesome.

  7. Thanks for your effort, was nice for the first time, continue go on, congrats.

  8. Jason

    I would love it if a link to the syndication were easily available so I could subscribe with my podcatcher. I can scrape it from SoundCloud, but it feels like something they’d rather people not do.

  9. Oleg

    Hello –

    Any plans to push this onto Spotify?


  10. lcividin

    Could you possibly get it into pocket casts at all? Purely for selfish reasons, as it’s my favorite (only) podcast app on my phone. Will still listen but be great to just queue it up with all the others I listen to.

    Thanks heaps for putting it out there and I’m downloading now to listen 🙂

    Look forward to seeing this develop over time all the best!

    • You can add it to pocketcasts via the RSS URL :). On the podcasts view press the ‘+’ button at the top and paste the feed URL into the search bar :).

  11. Thank you for everything!

  12. 3psilon

    Awesome, I subscribed!
    Please improve the sound quality if possible by using a better microphone, equalizing the sound in Audacity etc. It greatly enhances the listening experience.

  13. Patrick B.

    Thanks for this Eduard. I’m looking forward to more.

    I second the need for equalization of the audio sources.c

    Also, please get rid of the background music during the speaking part of the podcast. I have slight hearing loss and the background music really competes with the voices. Listening feels like I’m trying to follow a conversation in a club or something.

  14. Hans

    I wanted to l isten to the podcast but I stopped after some minutes because I found the music annoying. Additionally the voice quality was pretty bad. If you fix that in the next episode I would be happy to listen to it.

    I wish this project a bright future!

  15. Elijah Hanson

    Love the initiative! Very laudable- kudos to you guys!

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