Fedora Podcast 002 — Ambassadors, the face of Fedora

The Fedora Marketing Team is continuing with the Fedora Podcast and we have a new episode out. This ongoing series will feature interviews and talks with people who make the Fedora community awesome. These folks work on new technologies found in Fedora. Or they produce the distribution itself. Some work on putting Fedora in the hands of users.

Episode #2: Ambassadors: The face of Fedora – Interview with Jona Azizaj

Jona Azizaj: How do you Fedora?

Photo courtesy of Andis Rado, used with permission.

Jona Azizaj,  a Fedora Ambassador for the EMEA region talks about the Fedora Ambassador’s Program. She describes the ambassador’s program, the process for joining, and the involvement with the rest of the Fedora community & users.

The episode is also available here:

The transcripts of this Episodes can be read here. And we have also the transcripts for the previous episode!

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This podcast is made with the following free software: GNU/Ring, Audacity, and espeak.

The following audio files are also used: Soft echo sweep by bay_area_bob and The Spirit of Nøkken by johnnyguitar01.

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  1. Rusty Tyson

    Your announcement looks impressive, but before I even try to jump in, I feel intimidated by all the options. I will begin by reading transcripts, and work on trying to view/hear the podcasts. I will try to use “this wiki page” to accomplish my success. – All th’ e-Best – Rusty Tyson

    • Hi! I hope you can go through the listening. If you have any problem with the podcast RSS, I suggest to start using the SoundCloud widget included in the article.

      Thanks for your feedback!

  2. Mehdi

    Thanks for your efforts!
    I love Fedora. I would love to contribute!

    What is the best way to start for a beginner?

  3. Whoo! Thanks for the transcripts.

  4. Hans Meiser

    Thanks for the effort producing this new Fedora podcast!

    May I suggest to replace the text-to-speech agent opening the podcast with some real-human voice? At least, we would get the name of the person interviewed right.

    Keep on the good work!

    • Hi! Thanks for the feedback. I will spent some time with espeak to produce the names better!

      Thanks for listening!

  5. Andrea Musuruane

    Eduard, I really like your effort to produce this podcast. But, if I may, you should really change your microphone – the sound is awful 🙁

    • @Andrea: My understanding is Eduard has picked out a new one already and you should hear it starting in an upcoming episode!

      • Actually, yes, from next episode, the audio will be better for several things, one of the main reasons is the new microphone!

        Thanks for listening!

  6. Luis

    This was a good discussion that I think would work well as part of onboarding new contributors to the Ambassodor program. It gave me a lot to think about in considering how to get involved with events and other outreach programs.

    Thank you Eduard

  7. v

    How can I download the sound file for the episode to listen to it using my old featurephone?

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