Best of 2017: articles for desktop users

It has been a full year here at the Fedora Magazine, and now it is nearing its end, we are looking back at some of the awesome content from our contributors. We feature many articles throughout the year that are focused on users that use Fedora as a Desktop OS. Here are some of the best articles from our contributors that are useful for Fedora Workstation users.

GNOME Photos

GNOME Photos is a photo library application that also — in recent years — gained basic editing features. This article walks you through the basics of editing images with GNOME Photos

Enhancing photos with GNOME Photos

Using Nautilus Scripts

Scripts in Nautilus are not a new feature, but still super useful for automating quick tasks into the File Browser.

Integrating scripts in Nautilus to perform useful tasks

Backing up with Déjà Dup

We all know backing up your system is important. This article — part of a series about backing up your Fedora system — walks you though setting up backups with the Déjà Dup utility.

Easy backups with Déjà Dup

Calculator in the Overview

The overview in Fedora workstation is equipped with search providers that allow apps to show results when searching. The Calculator app uses this feature to let you do simple calculations quickly via the search.

Quick tip: calculator in the Fedora Workstation overview


Flatpak can roughly be described as a modern replacement for RPMs, but its impact is far more significant than simply offering a new packaging format.This article covers what Flatpak is, and how to install Flatpaks on your Fedora system.

Getting Started with Flatpak

Installing more Wallpapers

The Fedora repos contain a treasure trove of wallpapers created for Fedora releases. This article shows you the wallpapers available from previous releases — going back to Fedora 8 — and what packages to install to get them on your current Fedora install.

How to install more wallpaper packs on Fedora Workstation

The header image for this post contains Laurel Wreath created by Gabriella Fono from the Noun Project & the laptop icon created by Saeful Muslim from the Noun Project.

Fedora Project community

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  1. Gnome-Photos is awesome – just what I been looking for. I can’t believe I missed it from the ‘zine!
    Now if only there was a similar utility for videos …. I’m sure there is just haven’t found it yet.
    With an OS like Fedora, why, ah-say WHY! would anyone wanna use winblows?!

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