5tFTW: Fedora 23 beta, conference reports and annoucements, and Atomic testing

Fedora 23 Beta coming on Tuesday

Fedora Program Manager Jan Kuřík announced yesterday that Fedora 23 beta is “GO” for next week. I’m running Fedora 23 Workstation on my main desktop system (and posting this 5tFTW from there), and everything looks great so far. If you’re interested in trying it out, come back Tuesday (as is traditional, the official time is 10am US/Eastern) and get your pre-release downloads. Or, if you’re a little more cautious, no problem — the final release will be in just about a month.

FUDCon Cordoba

This year’s Fedora User and Developer Conference — FUDCon — for Latin America just concluded.

Like every Fedora premiere event I’ve been to, it looks amazing and energizing. Sadly, I couldn’t make this one, but check out these event reports from some of our awesome contributors:

Combined Fedora and CentOS Atomic Test Day

This kind of atomic test doesn’t involve explosions and fallout (we hope). It’s the constructive kind — a test day featuring the Fedora 23 beta Atomic image and CentOS’s latest Atomic release. I think this is the first such Fedora/CentOS test day collaboration, and I’m excited for what we can do with our combined resources.

DevConf.cz Call for Papers

Red Hat community coordinator Jan Bleha put out a call for papers for DevConf.cz 2016. This free conference is sponsored by Red Hat in Brno, Czech Republic, and while it is not Fedora focused, always has a big Fedora presence. (If we get enough Fedora-related submissions, we may have an entire Fedora day.) If you have an idea for a presentation, lab/workshop, or lightning talk, submit it here.

The conference is February 5-7th — following FOSDEM in Brussels the previous weekend. Brno is a great city, both modern and ancient, and easily accessible by train or bus from Prague or Vienna.

GNOME Summit in October

GNOME is an upstream project very important to Fedora, as many Fedora contributors work on both — and of course because it’s the desktop environment technology underneath Fedora Workstation. Over on the GNOME blog, Matthias Clasen (one of those dual contributors!) announces that the Boston Summit will be held in at MIT (technically in Cambridge, not Boston), from October 10-12th. Topics might include gnome-builder and xdg-app, application development (bundling, SDKs, sandboxing, portals…), and a visual refresh for GNOME — all of great interest to Fedora!

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