Upgraded Fedora shirts

We’ve upgraded the Fedora shirt and sweatshirt collection we announced in March 2020.

A blue Fedora polo shirt. T-shirts ans sweatshirts are available too.

What’s new?

  • We do the embroidery with the new Fedora logo, but the old logo is still available as Fedora Classic.
  • A Fedora hoodie, and crewneck sweatshirt and a long-sleeve t-shirt. The last two are seasonal, only for February.
  • Faster shipping to the US, Canada and the UK. (We ship from Hungary, Europe.)

OK, but is it made with Linux?

A lot of questions come about as to how exactly do we make the embroidery. Do we use Windows for that? There is a short explanation on our website, but let’s give some more details.

You might have read here at Fedora Magazine that there is a good, fully free (as in freedom) solution to making embroidery designs with Inkscape and Inkstitch. This is the future for us too, and sooner or later we will make all of our embroidery with them. But — mainly because Inkstitch is quite new, and we have been embroidering Linux shirts for a decade — we are still using a manufacturer-independent, but “non-free” program, called Embird. We run it with Wine under Debian. This one is the only proprietary piece of software used here. And it must go, soon…

The Fedora embroidery design in Embird, under Linux.

The other software we use is quite standard for Linux: Inkscape, GIMP, ImageMagick, and of course all of the everyday tools you are using on your Fedora Linux desktop and server.

Check out the embroidered Fedora collection here! Don’t forget to use the FEDORA5 coupon code, for the $5 discount on every shirt and sweatshirt.

Fedora Project community


  1. The thought just struck me; Do you have any plans to sell Fedoras; i.e., Fedora hats that are uniquely related to Fedora and Red hat?
    As I look around I see lots of hats but none that I like except the Fedora style. One of the only ones that I would buy is the one worn by Jack Nicholson in Chinatown – now that was a very functional hat and I’m pretty sure it was a Fedora.
    Just a thought.

    • Darvond

      Fedoras are strictly verboten per the wishes of the Red Hat Group.
      There’s a whole policy about it.

      • Karlis K.

        Really? That sounds a bit weird, out of curiosity, is there any particular reason why?

        • ParadoxGuitarist

          There was a concern that because of the RH logo, that actual fedoras would confuse the brands or lead people to believe that RH would be obligated to support the product. Basically they wanted to ensure that no one would ever confuse fedora with RedHat.

  2. Jonatas

    Am I the only one who finds it baffling there isn’t a Fedora hat?

    • Grandpa Leslie

      or a RedHat fedora.
      Here in Montreal, I would love to have a Toque hat with Fedora on one side and RedHat on the other.

      I have a snow-blower and I have a Arians toque, which is great for protecting my ears from the winter cold.

      Toques are OK and less expensive than a full sized sweater or pullover or other.

      • Max

        Many years ago (must be like 15 years) I was at Cebit in Hannover and RedHat was giving away red fedoras there. They were very popular, unfortunately I didn’t manage to get one.

  3. james

    When you have made the inkstitch version, will you release the source code so that we can embroider shirts ourselves?
    Or, do you sell just a sew on fedora logo, since I am far too poor to afford a new shirt or hoodie, and would prefer a more colorful material anyhoo.

  4. Sunjay

    Red Hat specifically instructed the Fedora project not to make hats. Hilarious.

  5. Phoenix

    I have 4 of the now classic sweatshirts with the zipper and I love them. They are really well-made. A quality-work I can recommend.

    Looking at the images on the store page again, I must say, however, that the new logo almost blends in with the grey backgrounds of the sweatshirts and hoodies and to a somewhat lesser extent with the blue t-shirts. This is enhanced by the logo being smaller to be more in line with the text placed behind rather than below it.

    For those variants, it may help to have some more contrast around the logo to make it more visible. Having the logo and text on different lines (as done with the classic ones) would also provide more independence to their respective sizes and likely have a visual impact as well.

    • Gustavo

      Hi Phoenix,
      I received my hoodie last month. At the website the logo seems to blend w/ the background, but the real thing is neat. And I keep using it all the time!

  6. NotANumber

    Thanks in advance for considering my feedback: Can the logo also be printed onto a t-shirt for women please?
    Not to compare, but Arch does it: https://www.hellotux.com/arch
    Do I need to switch distribution to get representation? ;P I also love the zippered jacket that they do but that’s just a personal preference.

  7. David

    I’ve been wearing a fedora for decades, without Red Hat’s permission or involvement.
    Free the hat!!!!!!

  8. sean o

    Being able to get rid of Embird would be nice. 😛 There was a couple of projects to create the files, but I think development stalled. They are mostly if not all proprietary formats, but most are just text files for instructions to the motors.

  9. Slow Stitcher

    Pyembroidery is a nice project. There is also a magazine article on InkStitch https://fedoramagazine.org/make-more-with-inkscape-ink-stitch/ which mentions Embroidermodder https://embroidermodder.org/ , that is again under active development. For non commercial use, examine PEmbroider https://github.com/CreativeInquiry/PEmbroider

  10. Will

    I think when someone donates, ($25 or more to the Red Hat project), the red hat should be an item that show their support.

  11. Kyle

    Ugh, please no. The ubiquitous symbol of nice-guys and neck-beards? Fedoras, trilbys, etc. are pure cringe.

  12. sayali Waghule

    Hey i can provide ypu some help please send me the details

  13. sayali Waghule

    hey i am interested

  14. Lukas

    Is the stitching pattern free and open source as well? I’d prefer donating money and using my own t-shirt + embroidery machine

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