Fedora shirts and sweatshirts from HELLOTUX

Linux clothes specialist HELLOTUX from Europe recently signed an agreement with Red Hat to make embroidered Fedora t-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts. They have been making Debian, Ubuntu, openSUSE, and other Linux shirts for more than a decade and now the collection is extended to Fedora.

Embroidered Fedora polo shirt.

Instead of printing, they use programmable embroidery machines to make the Fedora embroidery. All of the design work is made exclusively with Linux; this is a matter of principle.

Some photos of the embroidering process for a Fedora sweatshirt:

You can get Fedora polos and t-shirts in blue or black and the sweatshirt in gray here.

Oh, “just one more thing,” as Columbo used to say: Now, HELLOTUX pays the shipping fee for the purchase of two or more items, worldwide, if you order within a week from now. Order on the HELLOTUX website.

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  1. I have the polo and the sweatshirt. They’re great!

  2. Marcio Torres

    Tudo bem que os materiais possam ser de qualidade, porém 78USD em 2 camisas polos , que no caso do Brasil sairia por algo em torno de R$ 318,00 é muito caro.

  3. John Duchek

    If only their polo shirts had pockets……..I just don’t wear anything else…..

  4. Artur

    What about logo redesign? How long the current one will be… current? Is it worth buying now with the old one?

  5. Eugen

    Die sehen geil aus..Aber es ist viel zu teuer &(


  7. When Fedora will start using new logo, making these t-shirts out-of-date?

  8. Yazan Al Monshed

    Nice Loved that, But What is the Software Using to make this Logo T-Shirt?. Inkscape, etc..

  9. No 3xl? Jokes aside, I’m a larger gentleman and I like my garments to be relaxed fitting.

  10. Marzena

    Not very girl-friendly these ones sigh 🙁

    • @Marzena: Have you raised a suggestion to HELLOTUX to offer women’s cut/sizes? The Magazine editors don’t run the shop and can’t do anything about this. 🙂

  11. Look’s good. Good idea.

  12. ertg

    I prefer open source , this robot-machine are open source? I can design , put to memory and run this as open source?

  13. The stitching quality is very rich and well finished. What embroidery machine did you used on it? Want to have some machines.

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