1. marc

    The ‘Save’ button should be renamed to “Make it so” or “Engage.” Maybe I’ll have to re-compile my own version with that change 🙂

    Thanks for this article! Great program that I didn’t previously know about, and I will now be spending lots of time with.

  2. Cornel Panceac

    I don’t know how useful is this to you but for me, it does not scan directory recursive, and if i close it i have to start all over again.
    Is this a problem specific to my computer?

    • Hmmm, when I select a folder to add to the left pane, it usually does work recursively for me. Are you able to add files recursively or is it just not scanning correctly?

      • Cornel Panceac

        It seems to work only for a few levels of depth (maybe only two). I’ll investigate more tomorow. Then i have to find a place to report bugs.

        • Cornel Panceac

          Think i’ve found the problem. I have some python crashes that most probably prevent it from doing it’s thing. A ticket as created : https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1301842 .

          • mclong

            Cornel, I’m not sure if mine is crashing but I know it’s not searching music files all the recursive directories. It’s like you said, maybe 2 deep. Did you find a solution?

            Off Topic – Any recommendations for a music file duplicate finder?

  3. Lew

    Cool articles on this site, thanks! Will have to finally give this a go, my music is a mess.

  4. marelo

    HI! nice app you have here, but I cannot add other disk partitions to scan music from. how I’m supposed to scan the music that its in my ntfs partition 0.o

    • @marelo: If you have the partition mounted, you should be able to scan it. Picard itself does not contain the tools for mounting. But you can use the GNOME Disks application (if you’re on Fedora Workstation) for this purpose. Then you should be able to access the folder where the NTFS partition is mounted from Picard.

  5. Jim

    Also checkout Beets. It’s CLI (Python) and a neat solution to getting a messy music library organized.


    I condensed a few directories of music which I had organized using various different tools and tagging schemes. The initial import was a bit painful – it attempts to ‘fix’ things automatically but does prompt for input occasionally. But now it’s fairly painless to add new music into my library.

    • Cornel Panceac

      Beets has its own share of pains. But i shall not abuse this page for this.

  6. Roland Weber

    Thanks for the great article!

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