LibreOffice online announced by Collabora

Collabora just announced that they are working on LibreOffice online, an online document editing application that will provide an Open Source alternative to Google Docs and Office 365. Collabora — a leading contributor to the LibreOffice upstream — is teaming up with collaboration software provider IceWarp to work on this much needed addition to the LibreOffice suite.

The work that Collabora and IceWarp intend to complete will build on the online rendering engine that the LibreOffice community started development on in 2011, and the two companies intend to collaborate closely with the upstream LibreOffice project:

IceWarp and Collabora will work alongside over a thousand existing LibreOffice contributors to implement the whole online editing portion of the software, including the server-side provided by LibreOffice, and the client front-end based on HTML5 technology. The result will be a fully mature server solution, which any other provider, individual or project in the community can utilize for their applications and services

It seems it is early days for this promising project, but you can view this sneak peak of LibreOffice Online in action in this short screencast:

For full details on the announcement, check out the press release from Collabora.

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  1. aven


  2. Adam (Linux User)

    Wow this is very nice. Now people can use the highly advanced LibreOffice just like they do with Google Docs!
    I wonder if the online one has LibreOffice Draw?

  3. Walter

    I am very happy to hear this! It was the one part (although there are alternatives to odf and odt formats) that was hanging me up. I have been a staunch Ubuntu user for at least 3 years and I find Fedora to be a very pleasant experience. We are now running side by side comparisons and to date just loving it more and more. Keep up the good work. I have a good feeling about this distro.

  4. Chandan

    Useful contribution from Collabora !!

  5. Right step at the right time, we’ve been waiting for too long, so long, open source community at his best, a job well done….

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