In our previous two Inkscape articles, we have covered the basics of using Inkscape, creating objects, and doing some basic manipulations and color changes.

In this next installment, we are going to put all these new skills together, and create our first composition — a simple wallpaper.



Document Properties…

. In the Custom Size section of the Document Properties dialog, enter the width of 1024px, and a height of 768px:

Exporting your background

Finally, we need to export our document as a PNG file. Open up the export dialog with FILE > EXPORT PNG, select the file location and name, make sure the Drawing  tab is pressed, and click on EXPORT

Screenshot from 2016-09-07 11-07-05

Let no tool be a barrier to your imagination. Come up with beautiful wallpapers and submit the designs for FEDORA 25 wallpapers. Your design might get lucky enough to be used by thousands of Fedora users. Here are some examples of wallpapers created with Inkscape and the techniques above: