What’s New in Fedora 23 KDE Plasma Desktop Spin

Fedora 23 KDE Plasma Desktop Spin brings you the best and the latest of Fedora and KDE Plasma Desktop. KDE Plasma Desktop is a modern and a familiar desktop environment for your everyday computing needs.

Fedora 23 KDE Plasma Desktop features Plasma 5.4.0, KDE Frameworks 5.15, and KDE Applications 15.08. Plasma 5.4 includes a new audio applet, Application Dashboard, updated breeze icon theme, KRunner autocompletion, and Networks applet with graphs. Notable changes in KDE Applications 15.08 include Frameworks 5-based file manager Dolphin. Additionally, Firefox is now the default web browser.


New Audio Volume Applet

Plasma 5.4 contains a new and improved audio applet. Its design is based on Breeze theme which brings it to on par with other similarly designed system applets. It works directly with PulseAudio. Pavucontrol users will find it familiar to use.

Application Dashboard

Application Dashboard is an innovative and a contextual app launcher. The full screen app launcher features full spatial keyboard navigation. There are three main columns – favorites, recent apps, and categories. Any app or document or contact can be added to your favorites. It’s now much easier to open that work document or contact a family member.


Breeze Icon Theme

The Breeze icon theme in Plasma 5.4 packs 1400 new icons which not only covers KDE apps but brings improved and native looks to Inkscape, Firefox, LibreOffice, etc.

Networks Applet

The Network applet in Plasma 5.4 shows speed graph and connection details. Two new VPN plugin to help connecting over SSH or SSTP is also supported with this release.


KRunner, a command based multipurpose launcher app, now has history and auto-completion support. Your searches will be auto-completed based on your previous search history.

Firefox as default browser

Fedora 23 KDE Plasma Desktop features Firefox as the new default web browser. Konqueror is also shipped pre-installed along with Firefox.

Support, contribution, and links

To download the KDE spin of Fedora, you can visit the Spins homepage. Feedback and support requests are encouraged, and we invite you to drop us a line on our mailing list address, kde@lists.fedoraproject.org. You may also contact the community support via IRC chat.

Do you think helping work on the KDE desktop spin is something that interests you? The KDE team welcomes new contributors. For more information on getting involved, please read the wiki article.

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  1. joe

    Excelente. Han mejorado mucho la experiencia con este entorno de escritorio. Actualmente estoy utilizando GNOME pero me gustaría probar las mejoras que tiene KDE 5.

  2. choi

    Need more interests on KDE,
    I’ve been using Fedora KDE since f21, it’s almost perfect DE ever,
    Enough to name KDEStation…

  3. Stan aka 'Xeno'

    “[…] Notable changes in KDE Applications 15.08 are Frameworks 5 based Kontact suite app […]”
    Did I miss something, it seems Kontact is still 4.14 KA based. Koji has no kdepim 15.08 packages, not even for F24.
    That’s one of three things that are holding me back from KDE SC 4 -> 5 migration.

  4. Pedro Doria Meunier

    I wonder why would anyone would still want to use crappy windoze… lol
    KDE is at this time the PERFECT desktop! 😉

  5. fcc

    I recently switched from Fedora 20 (KDE 4.11) to Fedora 23 (KDE 5) just to learn that now it is impossible to have virtual desktops with different backgrounds. I regret that such an important change, required to underline the different function of the virtual screens, was never discussed, allowing people like me to find out the change only after making a new installation.

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