In light of recent events it might be worth for fans of Minecraft to try out Minetest or it’s fork Voxelands. Both are open source, infinite voxel sandbox games that are currently available for Fedora.

Minetest is currently being developed on and is fairly simplistic without adding mods, it does have the main game mechanics of gathering resources, crafting and building structures. There are a range of Mods available to add functionality as well as texture packs to customise your experience. Minetest is available now in Fedora from the Software application, or using the command line yum install minetest.


Voxelands is a fork of Minetest that implements a wide range of additional functionalty that is either not available in Minetest, or is only available using Mods. It adds features such as mobs and farming. Voxelands is available for Fedora from this COPR repo.