Top articles of 2019: Editors’ choice

The year is still ending and the perfect time to reflect and look back at some Magazine articles continues. This time, let’s see if the editors chose some interesting ones from 2019. Yes, they did!

Red Hat, IBM, and Fedora

IBM acquired Red Hat in July 2019, and this article discusses how nothing changes for the Fedora project.

Some tips for the Workstation users

Using Fedora Workstation? This article gives you some tips including enhancing photos, coding, or getting more wallpapers right from the repositories.

Fedora and CentOS Stream

In this article, the Fedora Project Leader discusses the CentOS Stream announcement from September 2019 — including the relationship of Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and CentOS.

Contribute to Fedora Magazine

Fedora Magazine exists thanks to our great contributors. And you (yes, you!) can become one, too! Contributions include topic proposals, writing, and editorial tasks. This article shows you how to join the team and help people learn about Linux.

Fedora Project community


  1. andre charlier

    About Fedora 30 and 31|
    1) The boot image always crashes at bootup;
    2) The system keeps going through and endless cycle of crash-and-recovery.
    For these reasons, I have reverted to using Fedora 29 WS, which is an A++ Linux OS.

    • You need to present your problem on or on When you do, be sure to mention your platform (e.g. SD on an ARM system – or live media of some sort on x86_64, etc), which boot image (workstation, server, cinnamon, lxde, etc), and last message when it crashes (and as many before as practical). As you might guess, most users are not having your problem, so those details are necessary for fixing it.

    • Fedora maybe saw better days, had to downgrade to 30 for some problems with 31. I wish a fixed 32.

    • Ahmed Nasrat

      I have same Problem (Fedora “31”)
      1) The boot image always crashes at bootup;
      2) The system keeps going through and endless cycle of crash-and

  2. gbg

    I also had to downgrade to 30. The disk image for 31 in multiple spins would freeze, requiring a hard reset, before getting to anything resembling a login screen.

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