Test drive GNOME 3.30 with the Fedora 29 prerelease

Last month, the GNOME project announced the release of GNOME 3.30. The good news is that this new version of GNOME is default in the forthcoming release of Fedora 29 Workstation. GNOME 3.30 includes a range of new features and enhancements, including improvements to Files (nautilus), and the new Podcasts application.

The new Podcasts application in GNOME 3.30

The great news is that you can already give GNOME 3.30 on Fedora a test-drive with a Fedora 29 prerelease version. In fact, there is a Test Day happening this Friday October 5th , 2018.

How do test days work?

A test day is an event where anyone can help make sure that changes in Fedora work well in the upcoming release. Fedora community members often participate and and the public is welcome at these events. The wiki page provides lot of good information on what and how to test.





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  1. Cal

    I keep seeing the pocast app in screnshots. I would like to try it, but it wasn’t installed by default and doesn’t seem to be in the software center. Did I miss something?

  2. Linux3D

    I would like to try out the “Gnome” version but I have a problem with the software I use, the is OctaneRender, there is no window to minimize and maximize it.
    As you can see in the picture

    Works well in “KDE” and “MATE”

    Does not work on “Gnome” and “Cinnamon”

    Thankyou in advance

    • crileyjm

      minimize and maximize buttons appear to be disabled by default. Install gnome-tweaks, go to Windows section, activate the buttons.

      • Linux3D

        This only happen in this Software
        Its not a conf or doble click,. the software dont have de border window

        thank you

    • yeti

      use meta + up then 😉

    • Sebastiaan Franken

      Double clicking the title bar of any application maximizes it in GNOME. Double clicking it again makes it the size it was before.

  3. Leslie Satenstein

    Are we on Oct 5, to be testing the beta-1-5 version produced around September 20?

    I thought we would be testing a beta-1.6. If it is only the 1-5 version, please state that somewhere.

  4. svsv sarma

    I installed it in VB but failed to get it updated so far, let alone testing.

  5. Dave

    Will it have veracrypt support for Disks out of the box?

  6. Pavel Roskin

    Systray is missing, the TopIcons extension is not working (unless patched), Pidgin exits when closed. Another change that is supposed to be good in theory but puts pressure on the end users.

  7. Leslie Satenstein

    Gnome is still on shaky grounds with Wayland. It often won’t start. I do run it by logging onto Fedora29 command line and entering startx.

    Gnome for xorg works just fine.

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