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Last week the Fedora community was asked to share ideas for encouraging new contributors. collected many great responses. This week the blogging challenge continues with ideas on how to maintain existing community.  his is another critical issue for Fedora on a regular basis. Share your thoughts and become part of the worldwide spread of open source and the ideas behind it.

What you can do

Write a blog post about this week’s theme and publish it. Please consider adding the link in the comments to this post. Tweet or use other social media to send your link to both and us, by including the hashtags #osscommunities and #Fedora. will publish a roundup of posts every Friday. Do you want to see your post included? Then let everyone know about it by Thursday.

This week’s theme is maintaining existing community.

You’re free to write about anything related to the theme. But offers the following suggested topics:

  • Who was the first community manager you ever met? (Give them a heads up before you write about them, if you can!)
  • Should community managers sit in marketing or engineering?
  • Tell us about a long-term working relationship you’ve had with a community online, whom you haven’t met in person.
  • How does meeting people IRL (in real life) help or improve working relationships?
  • Can you have too big a community? If so, what’s “too big”, and what problems does it cause?
  • How do you encourage and retain non-code contributors?
  • What does a community manager do?

We look forward to seeing your stories!

Fedora Contributor Community


  1. Leslie Satenstein

    Hi Bex

    I am in Montreal, also known as competition land (Ubuntu has(had) office and developers here, and they have insured themselves that the colleges and universities have lots of promotional material (swag).

    We have a LUG (Montreal Linux User Group). The website is active, but activities are moving to Facebook.

    I have made efforts to get some swag (cd’s) and some other promotional stuff for Fedora 24 and F25. I wanted to do a Fedora presentation, but again, perhaps my request was to the wrong area and I did not receive a response.

    The MLUG gets a good 30-40 people every month. The location is the ETS university. (A software engineering oriented university). We also have a few community colleges that do a phenominal job of teaching networking, software design, etc.

    Fedora needs to look north to a multi-lingual city. We speak and flip from one language to the other without thinking about it. And it’s a great city to visit. Summer is approaching, lots of things going on.

    I can be reached to (help) present Fedora 26 to the MLUG and to local colleges. Contact me lets discuss.

  2. Leslie satensein

    Hi Brian
    I appreciate your response. I will contact them (ambassadors) before the week is over. The swag is not necessarily physical stuff like CD, DVD,flashdrives, but powerpoint type of presentations to introduce first time Linux users to Fedora. I have up to about 50 blank DVDs that I could burn if the swag consisted of adhesive stickers for same.

    • I encourage you to do some research on the real value of DVDs in Montreal. I know that EMEA (and I think NA) have both concluded that much of their DVD printing was unnecessary. If DVDs are appropriate for Montreal, lets print them so they look good and avoid stickers + blanks, imho. We can put them into a larger order for LATAM and APAC if we plan appropriately.

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