Share Fedora: Difficult Conversations

Last week the Fedora community was asked to share ideas for maintaining existing community. collected many great responses. This week the blogging challenge continues with ideas on how to have difficult conversations. These kinds of conversations happen in every community, including ours. Share your thoughts and become part of the worldwide spread of open source and the ideas behind it.

What you can do

Write a blog post about this week’s theme and publish it. Please consider adding the link in the comments to this post. Tweet or use other social media to send your link to both and us, by including the hashtags #osscommunities and #Fedora. will publish a roundup of posts every Friday. Do you want to see your post included? Then let everyone know about it by Thursday.

This week’s theme is difficult conversations.

You’re free to write about anything related to the theme. But offers the following suggested topics:

  • What do you do to turn around difficult conversations and make them productive for the community and the project?
  • What’s the single best tip you learned for dealing with difficult conversations online and how did you learn it?
  • How do you convince your manager to let you contribute to open source?
  • How do you convince your company to contribute to an open source software project?
  • How do you tell a really eager contributor that what they want to do is not right for the project?
  • How do you tell a new contributor that their contribution isn’t good quality?

We look forward to seeing your posts!

Fedora Contributor Community


  1. Michael Brown

    In some places there used to be Linux User Groups. Although, unfortunately not in all places where there are linux users. But what about Fedora User Groups popping up to support the Fedora Linux Community?

    • @Michael: There are still Linux User Groups. Fedora has more in common with all other Linux distros than not. Therefore, splintering our audience or the ability to cross-pollinate knowledge doesn’t seem beneficial to me.

    • Costa A.

      There is an unofficial IRC channel #Fedora, where Fedora users, discuss various matters around Fedora

  2. pipignu

    I wanna right an article about play League of Legends in Fedora 25, Could I?

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