Quick Fedora shirt update and sale of last stock with the old logo

There are some updates on Fedora shirts and sweatshirts.

Two years after the announcement of the current Fedora logo, we decided to clear our stock of shirts with the old logo. Soon our shirts will only be made and stocked with the new Fedora logo.

The Fedora jackets and hoodies are back again:

The old Fedora polo shirts are almost out of stock, so we have a new type with black buttons:

We have improved delivery too. No more taxes and customs paperwork within the European Union, the United States and the United Kingdom.
If you have your own embroidery machine, the PES file for the Fedora embroidery is available here; for the Fedora Classic, here.

Check out the embroidered Fedora collection here and don’t forget to use the FEDORA5 coupon code, for the $5 discount on every Fedora shirt and sweatshirt.

When ordering, note that the old logo style items are labelled “Fedora Classic”.

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  1. Phoenix

    I would welcome the new logo with the old style. That is, that the logo is a bit larger and on top of the text. Is there hope to find that in the future?

  2. Awesome! I love the new design; they look amazing.

    Are they still made with nonfree software? I don’t have an embrodiery machine am excitedly waiting to order some.

    • Their web site indicates [https://www.hellotux.com/fedora_jacket3_black]:

      100% made with Linux

      The embroidery, the website, the customer service, fully made with Linux. Who else does all this with Linux?

  3. Darth Tagnan

    Make some funky T-Shirt plz. It’s a lil hard on the wallet for a Fedora Logo. Hear me out, I want to buy your merch, but for this price I like some design

  4. CF

    Love the shirts, but 100% cotton? Really?

    Tri-blend or some dry-fit fabric would allow me to wear it more than once.

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