Improve your Python skills this weekend

Fedora loves Python, and the Fedora Magazine is no exception. Are you looking at learning Python, or improving your Python skills? Over the last year, Fedora Magazine contributors have been providing some awesome tips, tutorials, and learning project ideas. Here is a selection of articles that can help you get started on improving your skills.

Create an RSS notifier

Improve your skills by doing, and create something awesome at the same time.  First up, is a tutorial on creating a simple RSS notifier using Python. In this tutorial, you will learn how to install additional Python modules. Additionally, learn how to create and populate a sqlite database, and send emails from Python with smtplib.

Never miss a Magazine article — build your own RSS notification system

Create a Twitter bot

Next up is a recent post on creating a Twitter bot with Python and the tweepy  module.

Learn how to build your own Twitter bot with Python

Use Python to get Music track data

Learn how to use Python to query Musicbrainz and scriptify getting track listings for your music CDs.

Use Musicbrainz to get CD information

Thonny. An IDE for learning

Thonny is a beginner-friendly Python IDE, developed in University of Tartu, Estonia, which takes a different approach as its debugger is designed specifically for learning and teaching programming.

Learn to code with Thonny — a Python IDE for beginners

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  1. Mehdi

    I love the title and the article. It’s been a while I was looking for a crash course. Finally, I got to take good steps to learning Python this weekend. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Dan


    i think this lacks of any exception handling. Also it’s a bit risky receiving data from 3rd party source without doing any validation. Pythons dynamic type system can go bad ways if you don’t care. I would suppose to add at least some to the tutorial code.

  3. Can anybody give me some good resources to get start with python programming for open source contribution in fedora ?
    Thank in advance.

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