Fedora Laptop Backpacks Available

Linux clothes specialist HELLOTUX has been making Fedora shirts and hoodies since 2020. They are happy to announce the new Fedora laptop backpacks with an embroidered Fedora logo – and now with a great offer.

Fedora laptop backpack

Many other popular Linux distributions and free software projects are available in the HELLOTUX collection. The partner program allows not only the biggest Linux distributions, like Fedora, to participate but smaller free software projects, as well. CentOS, GNOME, KDE, LibreOffice, VLC, GIMP, Inkscape, Perl and Python are some of the biggest free software projects, but there are smaller ones like SourceHut, Taskwarrior and DataLad, too.

Check out the embroidered Fedora collection here, and don’t forget to use the FEDORA5 coupon code for the $5 discount on every Fedora shirt, sweatshirt and laptop backpack.

Special Offer

While our current supply lasts, when ordering four or more shirts, your Fedora laptop backpack is a gift to you.

Fedora Project community


  1. Brett Hagen

    Is that 4 shirts in total or 4 Fedora shirts?

    • Eduard Lucena

      I review in the site, and it’s 4 shirts in total.

  2. Gabor Kum

    4 in total. Not only Fedora.

  3. Gabor Kum

    Several questions have arrived from the US about shipping.
    It is fast and easy. It only takes a few days with FedEx and there are no
    customs’ paperwork, nor any fees.

  4. Llah_Egas

    Oooh!, Nice Backpack, Can’t Wait To Wear It!

  5. François D.

    I just ordered one !

  6. Dave Schudel

    I would really like to get one, but when I saw it would be nearly $20 shipping on a $35 shirt I decided not to.

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