The organizing team of Managua FUDCon 2014, led by the event organizer Neville Cross, is pleased to announce that the Fedora Users and Developers Conference Latin America (FUDCon LATAM) will start on Thursday, October 23,

This has been a great year of events for the Fedora Community with the second year of Flock and the Conference in Asia (FUDCon Beijing). We expect FUDCon Managua to be a productive event for the local and global community.

For the event, there are varied and interesting list of proposed talks and presence of large number of contributors , not only from Latin America.

About the City

Managua is the capital of the Republic of Nicaragua. It is the only capital in the world that is located by a lake — in fact, one of the biggest freshwater´s lakes in the world. In 2012, Managua was the location of DebConf12, and local community free software users have been doing a lot of events every year.

The Venue

The University of Commercial Sciences (UCC) is one of the leading universities in Nicaragua and supports several activities of the local community:

  • Linux Tour – July 24, 2007
  • Software Freedom Day – September 19, 2007 (awarded by the UNESCO as the best event of Software Freedom that year)
  • Festival of Latin American Free Software Installation – April 26, 2008
  • Linux Tour – February 22, 2008
  • Latin American Festival of Installation of Free Software – April 9, 2011


Fudcon Managua