Fedora Classroom Session: Fedora Modularity 101

Fedora Classroom sessions continue next week with a session on Fedora Modularity. The general schedule for sessions appears on the wiki. You can also find resources and recordings from previous sessions there. Here are details about this week’s session on Tuesday, October 09 at 1400 UTC. That link allows you to convert the time to your timezone.

Topic: Fedora Modularity 101

As the Fedora Modularity docs page explains, Modularity introduces a new optional repository to Fedora called Modular (often referred to as the “Application Stream” or AppStream for short). This repo ships additional versions of software on independent life cycles. This way users can keep their operating system up-to-date while having the right version of an application for their use case, even when the default version in the distribution changes.

Here’s the agenda for the Classroom session:

Fedora Modularity 101
  1. Why Modularity?
  2. User demo.
  3. Main differences in packager workflows
  4.  A walk through the whole process of making a module in Fedora.


Adam Samalik is an open source enthusiast using Linux since 2007. He started with many random distributions, then used Arch Linux for a few years, and then switched to Fedora 20 when he realized he needed more stability in his life to get work done.

Adam spends most of his time these days developing and advocating for Fedora Modularity, and also developing the build-side of the new Fedora Docs website.

Other than that, he enjoys giving talks, presenting demos, making graphical designs, and writing — all of that with various levels of proficiency.

Joining the session

Edit: The session has been recorded and is available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3vK3dYvz1c

We hope you attend, learn from, and enjoy this session. Also, If you have any feedback about the sessions, have ideas for a new one or want to host a session, feel free to comment on this post or edit the Classroom wiki page.

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  1. svsv sarma

    Speaking of classroom sessions, modularity and repos, there are certain issues which should be addressed before readying for updates. For every kernel update, I invariably get the message at boot up ‘Failed to load start kernel modules..’ and I had to resort to dracut after two days. The system functionality is ok but the message is irritating.

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