Fedora 27 Server classic release after all — and Modularity goes back to the drawing board

You may remember reading about plans for Fedora 27 Server. The working group decided not to release that at the same time as the general F27 release, and instead provided a beta of Fedora 27 Modular Server. Based on feedback from… Continue Reading →

Testing modules and containers with Modularity Testing Framework

Fedora Modularity is a project within Fedora with the goal of Building a modular operating system with multiple versions of components on different lifecycles. Fedora 26 features the first look of the modularity vision: the Fedora 26 Boltron Server. However, … Continue Reading →

5tFTW: Conferences, Internships, Modularity, and a F24 schedule update

Flock to Fedora: submit your talk now! I mentioned this last time, but it’s worth repeating — the deadline for talk submission for Flock is in a few weeks. Flock is our biggest annual conference, where we do planning work… Continue Reading →

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