5tFTW: Conferences, Internships, Modularity, and a F24 schedule update

Flock to Fedora: submit your talk now!

I mentioned this last time, but it’s worth repeating — the deadline for talk submission for Flock is in a few weeks. Flock is our biggest annual conference, where we do planning work for the future, and actually get together to hack on things, and also meet face to face after so many months of text-based communication. We alternate locations between North America and Europe, and this August, Flock is happening in Krakow, Poland — chosen in part because in addition to being a beautiful, historic city, it’s relatively cheap to get to and stay in (we’re on an Open Source / Free Software budget, after all). Visit https://flocktofedora.org/ to register and to submit your talk.

Never spoken at Flock before? Not sure if you’re deeply embedded in the day-to-day to qualify? We’re also interested in talks about other open source projects where we have opportunities for collaboration, with a focus on what the benefit to Fedora would be, and on what Fedora could do to better fit your project’s needs.

Red Hat Summit discount code for Fedora community

We’re also planning the Fedora presence at Red Hat Summit, which is in San Francisco at the end of June. Fedora will be a cornerstone of Community Central — which this year will be very well placed in the Partner Pavilion expo floor. Last year, Community Central had its own room, which was an interesting experiment, but because the room was kind of out of the way, one that didn’t really work out. This year, we’ll be back in the thick of the activity.

And, if you’re a Fedora community member, you can use the code UG2016 when you register for Summit — this will get you in at $995, which is about two-thirds the regular price.

Break apart Fedora (without breaking it) by joining the Modularity Working Group

Last Monday, the Fedora Council approved the Fedora Modularization, Prototype Phase objective. As part of this, we’re forming a new Modularization Working Group. If you need background on what that’s all about, check out our Modularization wiki page — and if you’re interested, join up!

Google Summer of Code and Outreachy application deadlines

Fedora is currently participating in Outreachy, and Google Summer of Code. Both of these have deadlines coming up. Applications for Outreachy need to be in by March 22 — tomorrow! — and GSoC is open until March 25 — Friday. GSoC is a stipend program (not an internship or job) open to students of accredited universities. Outreachy is an internship program with the goal of improving diversity in free and open source software, open internationally to women (cis and trans), trans men, and  genderqueer people. Also, the internships are open in the U.S. to all Black/African American, Hispanic/Latin, American Indian, Alaska Native,  Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander people. Applicants must be available full-time, 40-hours a week (and cannot be currently in school full time).

For more on Google Summer of Code, see this post on Fedora Magazine; for Outreachy, see this post on the Fedora Community Blog.

Fedora 24 schedule update

At the release readiness meeting last week, we decided that the Fedora 24 alpha isn’t quite ready. There will be another meeting this week, and the rest of the schedule will likely be adjusted to match, with the beta due in early May and the final release mid-June.


Thanks again to Justin Flory for help putting together this week’s 5tFTW.

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