Red Hat Summit

5tFTW: Conferences, Internships, Modularity, and a F24 schedule update

Flock to Fedora: submit your talk now! I mentioned this last time, but it’s worth repeating — the deadline for talk submission for Flock is in a few weeks. Flock is our biggest annual conference, where we do planning work… Continue Reading →

5tFTW: FUDCon in India, Summit in Boston, plus Quality Assurance, Release Engineering, and Env & Stacks

Fedora is a big project, and it’s hard to keep up with everything. This series highlights interesting happenings in five different areas every week. It isn’t comprehensive news coverage — just quick summaries with links. Here are the five things… Continue Reading →

Five Things in Fedora This Week (2014-04-15)

Fedora @ Red Hat Summit, testing Rawhide, Heartbleed followup, Fedocal, and upcoming conferences….

Five Things in Fedora This Week (2014-04-08)

Heartbleed and Fedora, Flock proposal voting, Gnome 3.12, Fedora.next website refresh, and Fedora at Red Hat Summit….

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