Fedora 30 supplemental wallpapers

Each release, the Fedora Design team works with the community on a set of 16 additional wallpapers. Users can install and use these to supplement the standard wallpaper. The Fedora Design team encourages submissions from the whole community. Contributors then use the Nuancier app to vote on the top 16 to include.

Voting has closed on the extra wallpapers for Fedora 30. Voters chose from among 56 submissions. A total of 128 Fedora contributors voted, choosing the following 16 backgrounds to include in Fedora 30:

(Editors’ note: Thank you to Sirko Kemter, who authored this article and conducted the voting process.)

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  1. haven1

    awesome, I made it in, Thank you voters. Hope you enjoy 🙂

    • I at least enjoy it, to be honest first “drawing” submission where I say this has a higher artistic level and this since I do this contest and thats some years now. I hope you continue for the next one and your submission inspires other to actually “create” for the contest instead of submit pictures of others

    • John

      Grats and well done. 🙂

  2. Costa

    Can i download the last one “I see stars” in Fedora 29?
    Landscapes isn’t my thing.

    • 0xSheepdog

      The wallpapers are typically provided in the official repos after the release. My F29 workstation shows a number of packages when searching for “wallpaper”, going back to F21 and including backgrounds from the various desktop environment spins. It will almost certainly be available once F30 drops. 🙂

    • you can actually install all supplemental wallpaper on each version packages are called codename/release number-backgrounds-extra-desktop.noarch

      For an simple download just go to Nuancier you will find all winners there and you can download the original size.

  3. svsv sarma

    Bluish is beautiful! What could be the Fedora 30 Desktop? Among them above?

    • whats blueish? None of these will be on the Fedora 30 desktop by default. The default theming is done by the Design Team. I did not so long ago write a blogpost in my personal blog, how the Design Team does them http://karl-tux-stadt.de/ktuxs/?p=5006
      The chosen theming for F30 is Augustin Jean Fresnel and we are open means if you look on the mailing list you will find the meeting logs with the things we working on, including the wallpaper and you can see the stages in our pagure instance

  4. Said Bakr

    How could I find them in full size images?

  5. n8inup

    I am so honored to have two of my photos make the cut! My heartfelt thanks to all that voted.

  6. Adson Silva Cicilioti

    almost all very apathetic. Beautiful photos but for Wallpaper I hope some more.

    I liked the “Pink House” and the “I get stars”.

    He missed the abstract and cleaner ones.

  7. dilhan dulja

    nice good job

  8. Asadov111

    Hi? Can I suggest some professional shoots for Fedora29? If yes, where can I send them?

  9. Elmo

    Thank you Fafa

  10. johnny vauthier

    Dans combien de temps pense vous sortir la version 30

  11. Marcelino

    Bom dia! Posso criar um servidor de arquivos ou dhcp , usando fedora?

    • @Marcelino: Yes, you can use Fedora as a DHCP server or a file server. Please use your favorite search engine to start. We’ll see if someone can produce an article on one of these topics in the near future.

  12. fedora supplemental wallpapers are some i need more where i found ??

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