Fedora 26 is here!

[This message comes from the desk of the Fedora Project Leader directly. Happy release day! — Ed.] 

Hi everyone! I’m incredibly proud to announce the immediate availability of Fedora 26. Read more below, or just jump to download from:

If you’re already using Fedora, you can upgrade from the command line or using GNOME Software — upgrade instructions here. We’ve put a lot of work into making upgrades easy and fast. In most cases, this will take half an hour or so, bringing you right back to a working system with no hassle.

What’s new in Fedora 26?

First, of course, we have thousands of improvements from the various upstream software we integrate, including new development tools like GCC 7, Golang 1.8, and Python 3.6. We’ve added a new partitioning tool to Anaconda (the Fedora installer) — the existing workflow is great for non-experts, but this option will be appreciated by enthusiasts and sysadmins who like to build up their storage scheme from basic building blocks. F26 also has many under-the-hood improvements, like better caching of user and group info and better handling of debug information. And the DNF package manager is at a new major version (2.5), bringing many new features. Really, there’s new stuff everywhere — read more in the release notes.

So many Fedora options…

Fedora Workstation is built on GNOME (now version 3.24). If you’re interested in other popular desktop environments like KDE, Xfce, Cinnamon, and more, check out Fedora Spins. Or, for versions of Fedora tailored to special use cases like Astronomy, Design, Security, or Robotics, see Fedora Labs. STEM teachers, take advantage of the new Python Classroom, which makes it a breeze to set up an instructional environment with Vagrant, Docker containers, a Live USB image, or traditional installation.

If you want a Fedora environment to build on in EC2, OpenStack, and other cloud environments, there’s the Fedora Cloud Base. Plus, we’ve got network installers, other architectures (like Power and aarch64), BitTorrent links, and more at Fedora Alternative Downloads. And, not to be forgotten: if you’re looking to put Fedora on a Raspberry Pi or other ARM device, get images from the Fedora ARM page.

Whew! Fedora makes a lot of stuff! I hope there’s something for everyone in all of that, but if you don’t find what you want, you can Join the Fedora Project and work with us to create it. Our mission is to build a platform which enables contributors and other developers to solve all kinds of user problems, on our foundations of Freedom, Friendship, Features, and First. If the problem you want to solve isn’t addressed, Fedora can help you fix that.

Coming soon

Meanwhile, we have many interesting things going on in Fedora behind the scenes. Stay tuned later this week for Fedora Boltron, a preview of a new way to put together Fedora Server from building blocks which move at different speeds. (What if my dev stack was a rolling release on a stable base? Or, could I get the benefits from base platform updates while keeping my web server and database at known versions?) We’re also working on a big continuous integration project focused on Fedora Atomic, automating testing so developers can work rapidly without breaking things for others.

Thanks to the whole Fedora community!

Altogether, I’m confident that this is the best Fedora release ever — yet again. That’s because of the dedication, hard work, and love from thousands of Fedora contributors every year. This is truly an amazing community project from an amazing group of people. This time around, thanks are particularly due to everyone from quality assurance and release engineering who worked over the weekend and holidays to get Fedora 26 to you today.

Oh, and one more thing… in the human world, even the best release ever can’t be perfect. There are always corner cases and late-breaking issues. Check out Common F26 Bugs if you run into something strange. If you find a problem, help us make things better. But mostly, enjoy this awesome new release.


— Matthew Miller, Fedora Project Leader

Fedora Project community


  1. Willian

    Awesome work from everyone! I’m using Fedora 26 right now, updated from the Beta version. Everything is smooth!

  2. Rico

    I’ll be updating soon! Awesome work!

  3. Matías de la Fuente

    Thanks! I’m upgrading now. Happy to see the new version working.

  4. Alexis

    Good job, guys! I’ve been using F26 for a week and it’s great!

  5. Very stable release.
    This time I tried Gnome “Software” for upgrade process and it was painless, quick and smooth.
    Great Job!!!

  6. Awesome and congratulations for the release.

  7. Jeff Sandys

    Help. I am getting “403 Forbidden” when attempting to download LXDE 32bit.

  8. Andy Mender

    Well done, Fedora team!

  9. Wayne

    Will 26 work in a VMWare VM at full 4k resolution? 25 doesn’t so I ‘ve stayed on 24 for now.

    • @Wayne: Why not download the Live version and find out? 😉

      • Wayne

        Yeah, I s’pose I can do that. 🙂

        • Wayne

          Well we now have full 4K resolution in a VMWare VM! Excellent. It’s a bit flaky though, Blueman app crashes immediately in both the VM and on the machine that has Fedora 26 installed natively. Visual Studio Code won’t start (on either) and Chrome freezes on the VM. Still, the bug reports are being sent so I’m sure these will all get fixed in time. Good job!

  10. Paweł

    Upgrading from F25, via GNOME Software broke my IBM Notes client – not opening anymore, hanging on loading after entering password. Doing a clean install right now, and will check again.

    Overall F26 seems to be faster and more responsive on my humble Lenovo “Thinkpad” e320 (I don’t consider anything with that bad build quality, to be a true Thinkpad). Scrolling websites up and down on Wayland is soooo smooth, I really like it (but there are some hiccups here and there).

    Night Light is great, I think it even should be enabled by default, with a short info on how to change it, when user logs in for the first time, after installing.

    Thanks for Your hard work, with this another great release 🙂

    • Paweł

      Nope, no dice.
      IBM Notes 9.0.1 is broken on Fedora 26 (with/without FP6). Tried both ways – upgrade from F25 and fresh install on F26 🙁

  11. MaxMeranda

    Excellent article of sheer awesome!

    Going to wait a couple of weeks for an upgrade of my (5) machines here (I’ll do a fresh install). Have been looking forward to this!

  12. Fábio

    Hello Fedora Team!

    Excellent my Fedora 26 Workstation!

  13. VK Joseph

    Transition from F25 to F26 was smooth and excellent. Thanks the fedora team.

  14. yeah,this is 😉

  15. Congratulations!

    Currently, I’m downloading F26 Workstation. I’m pretty sure it’s as stable as previous Fedora versions.

    Thank you Fedora team and Red Hat engineers.

  16. Bbn

    Good work, will upgrade mine soon

  17. Anatoly

    Is any bootloader editor in f 26? I installed it yesterday. I can’t say I glad to do this. Before I install f 25 but after get to know that f 26 release appeared and decided to install it. Some difficulties were but i don’t now. I am not finish to set personal settings yet. It take 2-3 days. So I can tell my opinion.

  18. Simon Morgan

    Using Fedora 26 Plasma Spin. This is the best Plasma release Fedora ever had. Runs even better than Kubuntu and Plasma on Arch. Finally! Thank you for all the hard work

  19. Pieter J.van Horssen

    Thanks for the hard work put in this release. Great job done.

  20. eyes_only

    Thanks for your work. Awesome release!

  21. Cristian

    It is Awesome, I installed on Saturday and works perfect. And yesterday I have upgraded another pc from 25 to 26, without a problem.

    I love Fedora.

  22. Hi F26 team.

    dnf system-upgrade makes gnome to hang after login .
    I changed to gnome classic and works.
    In boot I used the parameter :
    systemd.unit= multi-user.target to check journalctl and there was no error.


  23. luca247

    upgrade went fine via the software center and the system is fast and stable…unfortunately seems something broken in mesa as everytime i try to play some videos in mp4 or mkv format the screen freezes for seconds and then al colours gets messed up forcing me to reboot…terminal tells me some radeon problems (i have an old ati radeon 4570)…hope it can be fixed…

  24. Anatoly

    At last a can say some certain opinion about fedora 26. In common it’s better. But have some disadvantages as to some Soft. It doesn’t matter to own OS. For example I found some API don’t work on root. There are dolphin, kate, kwrite, okteta and may be some others. If you found get to know me about it. And in f 25 it work. At list by using kdesu… So newer install f 26 from the begin. Or you get bad OS… First install f 25 do some blocks for upgrade and update so as to version of this soft not increased in any case. And only after that you may upgrade to f 26. In addition to is good to block IBus certainly or you input will be conflict with native Linux one and some architecture blocks so as not to install or update wrong arch packages. And may be some else. Dependencies may pull big undesired packages so you must pay match attention so as not to install undesired soft. Return to discussed… Disadvantage as i consider is that the is no easy way to switch to console from graphic and reverse. There are some disadvantages else. But they not special for fedora. They present in all modern Linux OS. That is bad tendentious that next version reduce functionalities and possibilities of tunnings some soft. I don’t know why? I noticed some aspect of this approach. This problems artificially created. May be more reasons to allow user what need him then forbid some functionality. Corporative politic is the worst thing. They don’t ask user, and do as they think. For example this design for admins.

    • Sebastiaan Franken

      Switching to a TTY is still done with Control + Alt + F{2,3,4,5,6,7,etc}. If you want to make this semi-permanent: “systemctl isolate multi-user.target” to go from a console to the GUI and “systemctl isolate graphical.target” to go from CLI to GUI

  25. Sergey

    Fedora 26 It is the best upgrade, never mind who am i and how long i am participate in or not using Fedora. In my subjectivity mind it is 2 more efficient then the previous.

  26. Emanoel

    Never a release upgrade process was so smooth

  27. Valenteriano

    Hi, does anybody know if it works besides macOS on a MacBook Pro 2011?

    It is a MacBook Pro 8,2 with AMD Radeon HD 6750M mac edition. This means it has only 512 MB VRAM. Other Notebooks have the “normal” version with 1024 MB VRAM.

    This means, when I install Fedora 25, Fedora seems to assume, the card has 1024 MB as it sees it is this Radeon card. But after installation right after first boot, the login display is scrambled and not usable. Well, I can switch to terminal, but I do not know what to do, so I can not get the card working properly. Therefore I have to use Fedora 24. But it has some problems, as it does not support the hybrid graphics card system fully, yet (several dead cursors on the screen …). As installer I am able to start the left “EFI” on boot screen. The right “EFI” boots with a scrambled display. So I am afraid installing it on the MBP, if after installation the desktop is scrambled again as in Fedora 25. And I need a properly working graphics card as I need it to develop in c++ a system with OpenGL.

    Has anybody a tipp if I can get it working on this MBP and what I have to do?

    Thank you in forward!

  28. Michael Z

    Well done! Boots faster than 25 and overall performance is snappier. I don’t have any hard numbers but just looking at utilization it appears to be using less resources. Thanks!

  29. Sanjay

    Great work!

  30. StefanF.

    Well I’ve a little problem to finish the upgrade succesfully.
    After ‘system-upgrade’ get I the message:
    Error: Transaction check error:
    file /usr/lib64/gstreamer-1.0/libgsttranscode.so conflicts between attempted installs of gstreamer1-plugins-entrans-1.0.3-2.fc26.x86_64 and gst-transcoder-1.12.0-1.fc26.x86_64

    Any ideas?

  31. Mimo Crocodile

    Why clamd is auto runned?

  32. karthik

    Just installed 26 on with virtualbox. After installing guest addons, there is a LOT of screen flicker on mouse-over in the ‘activities’ menu. Noticed that 3D acceleration was disabled, so I enabled that, but now I can not login (stuck in a loop).
    I’ve not noticed this behavior on F25, any ideas?

  33. Triston Broadway

    I recently netinstalled F26 on a flash drive. It is not registering any devices. The laptop keyboard and trackpad both don’t work, and any external mouse or keyboard I use doesn’t seem to work.

  34. It is great release. I prefer to use Mate.

  35. Coen Fierst

    Many thanks for this operating system! Free, non commercial, stable and good looking (oops).

  36. Costa A.

    F26’s default wallpaper has set the bar too high.

    Let’s see what F27 has come up with.

  37. Dave Huh

    Upgraded flawlessly on ASUS laptop and DIY PCEngines Dual Band Wireless Router. Used CLI approach, no issues.

  38. Z

    I have update 3 PC. Fedora 26 works like a charm!

  39. Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson

    The only shockingly big blooper from the developer team this time was the OMISSION (ZZZZzzzz) of NetworkManager-PPP. The mobile broadband option should work out of the box. I had to search it up on the net, and luckily I identified the problem and downloaded the omitted file.

    Otherwise it feels like a solid distro release. A nice piece of art.


  40. Adeel

    I have upgraded from fedora 25 and the process is smooth. Awesome work.

  41. Richard Gillian

    The GUI-based ‘Upgrade to Fedora 26’ has failed for my F25 system. The installation completed but when I rebooted to the new F26 it failed to start anything. None of my previously installed F25 versions would start either. I have to switch off the power supply to end the start-up.

    I have also tried the F26 iso image. That works but when I select ‘Install’ it cannot identify a suitable location to install (and nor can I).

    Is there anything I can try, to recover? Or should I create a new partition and install there? Although that might work, it would leave me with no confidence in the upgrade process.

    Should I report this in some other forum?

  42. Rkadrano

    Hi all!

    I work all days with Fedora 25, virtualBox and Other software. 2 years ago I changed the OS of my laptop (I am SysAdmin and I work all days with REd Hat Enterprise).

    Today I tried to instal Server edition 26 and I can’t run graphics mode after install gnome or cinnamon desktops, i tryed all things like modify run levels, systemctl set-default, change run level, change Xwayland to Xorg manually… all things… and f26 Server only show me console prompt.

    Ok, maybe I need to tray workstation… great, it works awesome in VBox, but VBox addons can’t be run. After create the KERN_DIR (I needed create it with mkdir, because can’t created it after export it) my surprise is VBox is not running error…

    I think F26 has the last things to be the one, but for the moment is not a possibility to work at 100%.

    Regard dudes, and sorry for my english.

  43. martinp

    Just bought an asus mini vivo and installed fedora 26. 15 minutes later everything was working perfectly, wifi, dual monitor setup, wireless keyboard and mouse, sound thru HDMI. 15 more minutes and I had my software stack up and running (DropBox, R, Rstudio, VS code, latex).
    My last experience with Linux was 10 years ago and it was a nightmare. This… this is too easy. Thanks a lot to all devs! Outstanding work.

  44. bijumon

    Upgraded! reinstalled nvidia akmod packages, wine broke steam which got fixed but mostly uneventful upgrade, thanks to fedmag article https://fedoramag.wpengine.com/upgrading-fedora-25-fedora-26/

    p.s looking foreword to ‘atomic workstation’ upgrade 😉

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