Fedora 24 wallpaper preview coming in Alpha

With the release of Fedora 24 Alpha just around the corner, it will be the first time for many to get a good look of how the final wallpaper for Fedora 24 will look on their desktop. Masha Leonova from the Fedora Design Team recently blogged showing what the wallpaper will look like in Fedora 24 Alpha.

Masha also goes into detail about some of the earlier iterations of the wallpaper, and provides a little background of the design thinking and concepts that help shape the new Fedora 24 Alpha wallpaper. Typically, the default wallpaper in the alpha release is refined and fine-tuned before the final Fedora release, so if you want to help shape how the wallpaper will look in Fedora 24, join the discussion on the blogpost, or learn how to join the Fedora Design Team.

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  1. Chris Low

    i love the wallpapers that have a bright point inside dark space 🙂

    i have a similar in my smartphone from a greek night in santorine island and a another to my desktop that have earth from above inside empty space and night clouds 🙂

  2. Charlie FG

    Interesting reading about the process and getting a few tips from that blog post. Especially interesting touching on the ancient Babylonians and their glyphs. Had a good look at the clock, as well — was mighty fine in itself. I’m a sucker for starscapes, so definitely digging this art direction!

  3. There’s nothing better than immersion in an aesthetic environment for the thought process. The wallpaper is a good place to start building such a place to work.

  4. Kenneth Armstrong

    I really liked the Babylonian text. I’m a history major, so anything to that caliber is a plus for me!

  5. Andrey Motoshkov

    Upgraded my laptop 5 days ago – working smoothly for me.

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