Fedora 23 End of Life

With the recent release of Fedora 25, Fedora 23 will officially enter End Of Life (EOL) status on December 20th, 2016. After December 20th, all packages in the Fedora 23 repositories will no longer receive security, bugfix, or enhancement updates, and no new packages will be added to the Fedora 23 collection.

Upgrading to Fedora 24 or Fedora 25 before December 20th 2016 is highly recommended for all users still running Fedora 23.

Looking back at Fedora 23

Fedora 23 was released in early November 2015, and during this time the Fedora Community have published over 10 000 updates to the Fedora 23 Repositories. Fedora 23 released with version 4.2 of the Linux kernel, and Fedora Workstation featured version 3.18 of GNOME. LibreOffice version 5 also made it’s first appearance in Fedora 23, and Fedora 23 also introduced the brand new Cinnamon spin.

Screenshot of Fedora 23 Workstation

Fedora 23 Workstation screenshot

About the Fedora Release Cycle

The Fedora Project provides updates for a particular release up until a month after the second subsequent version of Fedora is released. For example, updates for Fedora 24 will continue until one month after the release of Fedora 26, and Fedora 25 will continue to be supported up until one month after the release of Fedora 27.

The Fedora Project wiki contains more detailed information about the entire Fedora Release Life Cycle, from development to release, and the post-release support period.



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  1. Fedora 23 was when I started using Fedora. Almost a month after its release.

    • My first was Fedora 8 and it’s still the best distribution! 🙂

      Rest well Fedora 23.

  2. rodorapido

    Goodbye Fedora 23, you were a good one!

  3. Perhaps this article should state how long it will remain in the “releases” folder on the mirrors, vs when it will be moved to the “archive” folder?

  4. Anukul Rawat

    Why do they release a new fedora too soon when its all the same

    • antikythera

      because it isn’t. it may look the same in some instances but if you actually delve a little deeper there’s a lot of changes, especially between F23 and F25. I often wonder why Fedora isn’t just turned into a rolling release instead though.

  5. Coen Fierst

    It was a very usable release indeed, with X. Now Fedora 25 feels even better, using Wayland all the time (with touchpad and touchscreen) and with more polished Gnome desktop.
    This is what -user experience- should be all about.

  6. Axel Muller

    I have been trying to dnf upgrade from Fedora23 to 25 without much success.

    sudo dnf system-upgrade download –releasever=25 –allowerasing
    followed by:
    sudo dnf system-upgrade reboot

    leads to a reboot but the system upgrade process is terminated.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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