Fedora 25 released!

The Fedora Project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Fedora 25, the next big step our journey into the containerized, modular future!

Fedora is a global community that works together to lead the advancement of free and open source software. As part of the community’s mission the project delivers three editions, each one a free, Linux-based operating system tailored to meet specific use cases: Fedora 25 Atomic Host, Fedora 25 Server, and Fedora 25 Workstation.

Each edition is built from a common set of base packages, which form the foundation of the Fedora operating system. As with all new versions of Fedora, Fedora 25 provides many bug fixes and tweaks to these underlying components, as well as new and enhanced packages, including:

  • Docker 1.12 for building and running containerized applications
  • Node.js 6.9.1, the latest version of the popular server-side JavaScript engine
  • Support for Rust, a faster and more stable system programming language
  • PHP 7, offering improved performance and reduced memory usage
  • Multiple Python versions — 2.6, 2.7, 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5 — to help run test suites across several Python configurations, as well as PyPy, PyPy3, and Jython

Fedora Workstation

Providing many of the latest open source developer and desktop tools, Fedora 25 Workstation delivers a host of new features, including the long-awaited official debut of the Wayland display server. Replacing the legacy X11 system, Wayland has been under development for several years and seeks to provide a smoother, richer experience for graphical environments and better capabilities for modern graphics hardware. To further enhance ease-of-use, Fedora 25 Workstation also features GNOME 3.22, which offers multiple file renaming, a redesigned keyboard settings tool and additional user interface improvements. Workstation users will also be pleased with the inclusion of decoding support for the MP3 media format.

Fedora 25 Workstation now makes it easier to for Windows and OS X users to get started, with Fedora Media Writer serving as the default download for those operating systems. This tool helps users find and download the current Fedora release and write it to removable media, like a USB stick, allowing potential Fedora users to “test drive” the operating system from that media environment. Fedora can then be installed to their systems with the same process.

For current Fedora users, the upgrade path from Fedora 24 to Fedora 25 has been simplified and streamlined, with typical upgrades taking less than 30 minutes, depending on system configuration and network speed. Upgrades can be started from the command line or from the GNOME Software tool, just like regular security and bugfix updates.

For developers, beyond the new docker engine and language support included in the base Fedora 25 packages, Fedora 25 Workstation introduces improved Flatpak support. This tweak makes it easier to install, update and remove Flatpak software and enables this application packaging standard to be more user friendly at the workstation level.

GNOME Shell extensions are also no longer checked for compatibility with the current version of the Shell. This was originally required because the GNOME interfaces were changing rapidly during the early days of GNOME 3. Now these interfaces have stabilized, and extensions can generally be expected to work with new releases.

Fedora Server

In addition to the flexible multi-role functionality provided by rolekit, Fedora 25 Server now delivers a new SELinux Troubleshooter module for Cockpit. Similar to what is available on Fedora Workstation, the module helps provide suggestions for a user when an SELinux denial is encountered, which otherwise requires log checking and manual workarounds.

Fedora 25 Server also will now display SSH keys in the Cockpit system dashboard to make it easier for administrators to see what keys are connecting to a given machine. Additionally, support is now included for multi-step (including two-factor) authentication services.

The FreeIPA identity management system has also been upgraded to 4.4 series, which offers a set of new features for servers deployed in an identity management role. Some of these enhancements include:

  • Topology management: FreeIPA web UI can now be used to visually manage topology graph for large deployments.
  • DNS sites: DNS management in FreeIPA now supports location-specific placement of services.
  • Subordinate Certificate Authorities: FreeIPA Certificate Authority now is able to create subordinate CAs to issue certificates with a specific scope.
  • Kerberos Authentication Indicators: Kerberos KDC now takes Authentication Indicators into account when issuing service tickets. For example, two-factor authenticated Kerberos credentials can now be required prior to obtaining tickets to a VPN service (supported by OpenConnect Server).

Fedora Atomic

New in Fedora 25 is the addition of Fedora 25 Atomic Host as one of Fedora’s three editions, replacing Fedora Cloud. While a Fedora Cloud Base image will continue to be available for users seeking to run workloads on a general purpose host, Fedora Atomic Host provides an optimized host designed to create and deploy container-based workloads.

Fedora 25 Atomic Host is shipped in several formats, to allow users to spin up virtual machines or install Atomic Host on bare metal. To keep pace with innovations in the world of Linux containers, Fedora Atomic Host is expected to be refreshed on a two-week release cycle (with major releases coinciding with new Fedora versions) and provides an easy upgrade path to accommodate rapid application development.

Fedora will also offer a docker-formatted base image, to be updated monthly along with critical security updates, for use in building Linux containers.

Spins and More

These are not the only parts of Fedora that are seeing changes in the release today. Our KDE spin features new and improved packages for music, video, and personal information management. Xfce includes improvements to the terminal, notifications, and power management. Mate-Compiz features an update to Mate 1.16 and a complete switch to the GTK+3 toolkit.


You can download the new Fedora 25 starting today! Download Fedora 25 from our Get Fedora site:

Or, check out one of our popular variants:


As always, Fedora is available for 32-bit ARM and 64-bit Intel architecture systems, and select Spins are also available for 32-bit x86. We’re also simultaneously releasing for 64-bit ARM, Power (including a little endian variant), and s390x. For these, see:

Of particular note to many enthusiasts, this is the first release where we officially run on the Raspberry Pi (versions 2 and 3). More details are available in this Fedora Magazine Article:


If you’re already running Fedora, you don’t need to download or create a boot image. Instead, start the upgrade process from GNOME Software or using DNF System Upgrade at the command line. For instructions, refer to our Fedora Magazine article:

Documentation and Common Bugs

Read the full release notes for Fedora 25:

Fedora 25 common bugs are documented at:

Thank You!

Fedora would not be possible without the hard work of the very dedicated contributor community. Thanks to the thousands of Fedora contributors and millions of upstream developers who made this release!

Fedora Project community


  1. Artem

    Few notices:
    1. 400 Mb of updates after clean install. Wow.
    2. Still tearing in Firefox. Does anybody know how to get rid of it?
    3. Doesnt work MPV. Just opens up and nothing happens.

  2. Han

    what time you will release it ?

    p.s. i am waiting to check my new amd 480x with Wayland + vfio and crash my fingers on keyboard :p

  3. Ivan Augusto

    Complementing, PHP 7!!
    A big thanks to all ?

  4. antikythera

    Glad it’s been released today.

    Regarding infrastructure, is the spins website going to get refreshed images any time soon? The screenshots are all out of date. They are from Fedora 23 and therefore not a true reflection of the current builds. MATE in particular is showing ‘About MATE’ dialogue with a version number 1.10.1 that has been superseded numerous times in between, we are at 1.16.1 and it runs in GTK+3 instead of GTK+2 now so looks different as well.

  5. Cornel Panceac

    What i’ve already found is that now i am able to play full screen Youtube videos on my old AMD64 system with video card GeForce FX5200 (64 MB of video RAM). It’s true that this is in MATE and not GNOME but still, this is a completely unexpected improvement. I wonder if this is because of an improved nouveau, a fixed Firefox or maybe MATE is also using Wayland …

    But please don’t try to use GDM on this configuration without nomodeset.

    • Happy to hear your video card has better support in F25! Not sure exactly why it happened. But it’s always nice when things start working. 🙂

  6. Sekhar Prudhivi

    Anaconda installer getting hanged while trying to install. It hangs when trying to delete the other Linux disks.

    • @Sekhar: Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. If anyone has trouble, please read this Fedora wiki page, and then help Fedora by filing a bug. Also check out the references at the bottom of that page on how to make your bug as useful as possible. Let’s not use the Magazine as a troubleshooting tool or help-line. Thanks!

  7. Riley B.

    Congratulations! Fedora Workstation keeps getting better with every release.

    I can’t wait to install this when my new XPS 13 laptop arrives 🙂

  8. Andre

    This on xps 13. Win win!

  9. davidlt

    Could someone point me where to find Fedora Cloud Base image? Somehow I cannot find it. I see only atomic and docker images.

    The article says: “While a Fedora Cloud Base image will continue to be available for users seeking to run workloads on a general purpose host, …”

  10. Nauris

    I’m up and running 🙂

    Except that Wayland no longer detects my monitor, so I’m stuck with 1024×768 resolution. It’s wierd, since there was no problems with LIVE session from DVD and also it was fine on first boot. But after that I’ve no success. Not sure how to solve this situation.

    edid-decode just says that it’s all wrong. But it was just fine with F21 and all previous releases. I’m using ATI Radeon card and Samsung monitor via VGA cable.

    • Nauris

      Heh. Somehow (I don’t quite understand it) it helped that I’ve logged out and temporarily logged in using “Gnome on Xorg”. Xorg did correctly detected my resolution. After that I’ve logged in on Wayland and now I’ve have correct resolution.

  11. Jaen Swart

    When I go to download site its still Fedora24?

  12. Vivek

    Edge scrolling is not working inn wayland.This is annoying

  13. Wim

    Upgrade fails miserably :

    Error: package rpm-python-4.13.0-1.fc24.x86_64 requires rpm = 4.13.0-1.fc24, but none of the providers can be installed.
    package rpm-python3-4.13.0-1.fc24.x86_64 requires rpm = 4.13.0-1.fc24, but none of the providers can be installed

    f25 seems to be lacking rpm-python

  14. Fedora 25 is awesome !
    I was update my F24 to F25

    Thanks for this amazing release 🙂

  15. pamir

    Im seeing increased desktop acceleration and very smooth scrolling in firefox.
    No screen tearing of windows either….all this using the open source llvp gallium..

    Im using an a8 4500m apu laptop with inbuilt integrated APU graphics…..

    So far so good…

    But AMD seriously needs to get a common proprietary driver working and running for each and every linux …..

  16. Raafat

    This new GUI update tool through the Software app is really something, I did not expect it to work with my old machine, but somehow it polled out a new F25 within 40 minutes.

    It’s a very good step for the end users who are coming from other platforms (my wife for example)

    Other than this I still need to check the Docker, Flatpak and on the bright side Wayland did not fail yet for 16 hours so far

    thanks for your efforts everyone

  17. Jose Mantilla

    I upgrade from 24 to 25 but sadly I lost the plymouth and teamviewer doesn’t connect. OMG!

    • Jose Mantilla

      If you login with gnome Xorg, you can use teamviewer without problem, but if you use wayland, teamviewer cant connect to server. Wayland isn’t compatible with some progams (some vpns and teamviewer, please, fix it). In addition, I can’t recover my plymouth charge and when you shutdown the machine you will see several mistakes from /dev/xxxxxx.

      I will wait an update as soon as possible.

    • Lukas

      @Jose Mantilla, it’s caused by Wayland. Logut and change session for Xorg, should works fine

      • Jose Mantilla

        Yes, thank you, In wayland I can’t show the icons on desktop, the tweak-tool seems doesn’t work, when you shutdown the machine you will see several errors and mistakes from devices and paths busies, the plymouth has gone but is faster, I will expect the final version.
        The upgrade was very fast. I love fedora definitively.

  18. Attiq-ur-Rehman

    Congratulation ! boot time very slow as previous version and SOFTWARE module is yet not been launched and .rpm are not working properly through command as well as double clicking. Hope all will be fine soon

  19. spython

    Installed this on all my desktops, laptops, and servers. Surprisingly painless upgrade from Fedora 24. No detectable glitches yet. I am using KDE Plasma 5.8.1 – so no Wayland yet. Perhaps mainstream KDE users will have that in FC26?

  20. cooke

    Wayland working well so far. Only issue i have is the memory consumption. The gnome shell using about 1.7gb after a cold boot. Hmmm, that is a little too high comfort.

  21. Robin A. Meade

    “GNOME Shell extensions are also no longer checked for compatibility with the current version of the Shell.”

    Compatibility is still checked at https://extensions.gnome.org/ .

    For example, I couldn’t install Workspace Isolated Dash. I ended up downloading it from the github and manually installing it.

  22. Rick

    Just upgraded my Asus Zenbook to F25, coming from F24. It was painless, can’t wait to see what has been improved.
    Working with Fedora since F14, keep the good work up and I will remain a big Fan.


  23. Jakub

    Upgraded from 24 to 25. In general it went smooth. Unfortunately Shutter stopped working (shutter logo is being displayed as kind of malformed wallpaper when I’m about to take screenshot)

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