Fedora 23 Workstation is now released. It’s a reliable, user-friendly, and powerful operating system aimed at home users, hobbyists, students, and software developers. Fedora 23 Workstation features the latest GNOME 3.18 release courtesy of the GNOME community. This release of GNOME includes updates to the Files browser, and the new Calendar and Todo applications. Fedora 23 Workstation is the first release of Fedora to include LibreOffice 5.



The Files browser, also known as Nautilus, now gives progress feedback when copying or moving large files. A button in the header bar allows you to see progress at a glance. Searching and renaming files in the file browser is now also quicker and easier to use.

There’s now better support for your Google Drive contents, too. If you’ve set up a Google online account in the Control Center, you’ll see your Google Drive contents in Files, with a shortcut to Drive in the sidebar. Check out the GNOME 3.18 Release Notes for more information on improvements to Files in Fedora 23 workstation.


LibreOffice 5

Fedora 23 Workstation ships with LibreOffice 5, the newest version of the widely used productivity suite. LibreOffice features LibreOffice Writer for creating documents, LibreOffice Calc for spreadsheets, and LibreOffice Impress for presentations. LibreOffice 5 comes with many new features and improvements, including:

  • Style previews in the sidebar
  • Built-in image crop
  • UI for data bars in Calc
  • Support for Time-Stamp Protocol in PDF export
  • Improved import and export to a variety of different types of files
  • Improved support for HiDPI screens
  • …and more!


New Calendar application

The new Calendar application provides a simple way to edit and use your calendars. It includes month and year views of your important dates and simple searching. Calendars can be locally stored on your Fedora Workstation, or you can add remote calendars from sources like Google Calendar and OwnCloud.

The new Calendar application is integrated with Online Accounts on your Fedora Workstation. When you add an online account in the control center, the calendar application shows calendars from those accounts.


Builder IDE

Builder is also significantly better in Fedora 23 Workstation. It introduces new and improved features such as:

  • Integrated terminal and system monitor
  • More accurate code auto-completion
  • Code auto-completion for Python
  • Searchable documentation index
  • Build target list
  • Searchable list of symbols for the current file
  • …and more!


Firmware Updates

The Linux Vendor Firmware Service is now integrated into the Software application in Fedora 23 Workstation. The Software app will notify you if there are firmware updates available for your hardware, such as BIOS updates. You can then install them directly from Software.



Wayland support in Fedora 23 Workstation has also been improved. It’s still available as a preview by using the GNOME Wayland session when you login. After you select your user account to login, select the gear icon to choose the Wayland session. The Workstation team is currently planning to make Wayland the default display server in Fedora in Fedora 24.

Getting and Installing Fedora 23 Workstation

To install Fedora Workstation on a new machine, download the live image, copy it to a USB Drive, then boot into it. To upgrade a previous Fedora Workstation install, check out our guide here on the Fedora Magazine.