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T-shirts are back in stock at the Fedora store

Clearly an item which deserves top billing! The first batch of Fedora t-shirts sold out quickly in most sizes, and there was a little bit of trouble reordering — but now they’re back in stock in unisex and also in women’s cut. Also, since the actual store provider’s URL isn’t very memorable, we’ve created the shortcut http://store.fedoraproject.org/ — just click that and you’ll go straight to the Fedora swag.

Note that neither Fedora nor Red Hat is making money from this; the only goal is to make it easy for you to get cool Fedora gear.

Objective: University Involvement

The Fedora Council is Fedora’s top-level leadership and governance bodies, and one of our most important tasks is to set major goals for the medium-term — targets we’d like to focus our resources on and which we encourage everyone across the project to support. For example, when approving Fedora Activity Days and other large expenditures, preference will go towards those aligned with our current Objectives.

At Monday’s Council meeting, we approved our second such objective. (The first is phase 2 of our Cloud/Server/Workstation split strategy.) This is our new University Involvement Initiative. Remy DeCausemaker — now at Red Hat working on Fedora, but previously at Rochester Institute of Technology — will be the lead for this, but of course in order for it to really succeed, we’ll need your help.

Google Summer of Code students

Google has announced the students and projects accepted into the Google Summer of Code 2015, including seven slots for Fedora. These students will be hacking on projects like an Ask Fedora user experience overhaul, a Cockpit user interface for Fedora Server‘s rolekit, work on Fresque (a dedicated application for the tedious but important task of package review), and more.

Flock: Last call to submit a talk!

The call for presentations for Flock ends on May 2nd — make sure to submit your proposals before then (and to preregister and book your hotel room as well) — more info at https://fedoramagazine.org/flock-to-fedora/.

Flock is our annual global planning and development conference aimed at contributors (from beginner to expert), and will be held this year from August 12-15 in Rochester, New York, USA.

FUDCon Pune and FUDCon Cordoba

In addition to the contributor-centric Flock, we also have FUDCon events in Latin America and Asia/Pacific. A FUDCon is a Fedora Users and Developers Conference.

This year’s FUDCon APAC will be in Pune, India from June 26-28th — visit http://fudcon.in/ for updated info.

And, just announced: the 2015 FUDCon LATAM will be in Cordoba, Argentina from September 10-12th. More to come as the date gets closer, but overall info can be found on the FUDCon:Cordoba 2015 wiki page.

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  1. Fedora store for USA-only or worldwide?

    • US only for now, unfortunately. We need to see how this goes as a test, and if it’s successful we may be able to expand.

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