Fedora is a big project, and it’s hard to follow it all. This series highlights interesting happenings in five different areas every week. It isn’t comprehensive news coverage — just quick summaries with links to each. Here are the five things for September 9th, 2014:

Upcoming Fedora Events

In addition to our annual Flock conference, which is focused at developers, we run an number of other Premiere Fedora Events every year. These include user-and-developer FUDCons in Latin America and Asia-Pacific, and FADs — Fedora Activity Days, where contributors get together to work on specific tasks. And we have a number of these coming up!

FUDCon Managua 2014

First of all, FUDCon Managua 2014, from October 23 – October 25 in Managua, Nicaragua. (See Spanish-language information at http://www.fudconlatam.org, too.) This conference brings Fedora users and developers together, and in particular will be focused on helping exchange skills, knowledge, and friendships between the Fedora community in Latan America and the global project.

Preregistration is open now on the wiki. And if you’re interested in behind-the-scenes info (or helping out) check out the Road to FUDCon LATAM blog.

APAC Ambassadors FAD in Phnom Penh

The Phnom Penh 2014 FAD will be focused on planning for 2015 including creating the Asia/Pacific Ambassadors’ budget. Ideally, a representative from every country in the region will be present — although the FAD budget is limited, and therefore the event is limited to Fedora Ambassadors. This will be from November 14-16 — see the FAD wiki for more information. If you’re in the region and interested in becoming an ambassador, take a look at the wiki page on getting started.

Design Team FAD 2014

The Design Team 2014 FAD will actually be held in January 2015, but the deadline for travel funding is September 15th — so anyone interested in assistance in attending needs to apply before Monday.

This FAD will focus on the Design Team’s plan for 2015, work on dealing with open tickets, and update and rework a lot of processes. Again, see the wiki for more info.

Ohio LinuxFest 2014

Fedora contributor (among many things Flock conference behind-the-scenes wrangler and problem-solver) Ruth Suehle will be a keynote speaker at Ohio LinuxFest 2014. (And, we’ve also been offered space for a FAD there, with planning in the works.)

Fedora Board moves forward with new leadership plan

At Flock, we discussed the future of governance in Fedora, and came back with some basic plans for a reorganization designed to enable and encourage more active strategic leadership. After discussing this on the mailing list, the board has voted to move forward with a modified version of the Flock proposal, with a represenative council empowered to make consensus-based decisions. There are a lot of details to be worked out, and this affects the entire Fedora user and contributor communities, so if you’re interested in shaping those details, join the conversation on the board-discuss mailing list.

Cold Water Bonus!

PS: if you aren’t yet saturated with ALS Icebucket Challenge videos, or even if you are but really want to see me write a check and get cold water dumped on my head by my kids, take a look at https://fedoramagazine.org/watch-the-fedora-project-leader-get-soaked/.