You’re invited to the Fedora Linux 38 Release Party!

Join the Fedora community this weekend on Friday, June 2nd and Saturday, June 3rd to celebrate the final release of Fedora Linux 38 with a virtual Release Party. Please register on Hopin and join us on June 2nd & 3rd for a short program of informational sessions and social activities. Make sure to save the dates, share the registration, and show up to celebrate with Fedora Friends, old and new!

The schedule for the Release Party features informational sessions about the rewritten Fedora Notifications service, a Creative Freedom Summit retrospective, Fedora CoreOS, updates from the EPEL and Fedora Docs teams, and more community activities. Last, but certainly not least, we will be hanging out in the Fedora Museum WorkAdventure for our Hallway track. Thanks to our amazing community for all your contributions to the latest release of Fedora Linux. Let’s party!



  1. Thomas Garai

    Very good, I’ll be there.

  2. But it was released weeks and weeks ago.

  3. Madhu Sudan Reddy Dalli

    I will participate in Fedora 38 Release Party

  4. David H.

    I’m really excited!! BTW in Hopin the dates in the schedule appear as Nov 3 – Nov 4.

  5. Count me in! 😉

  6. ei galera cade esta turma bonita e apaixonada pelo gigante Fedora ,venham participar deste grande grupo ,dar opinião relatar e fazer parte desta família Fedora

  7. Surya

    There are no free souvenirs like 2021

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