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Know an awesome piece of Fedora news? Have a good idea for a Fedora how-to? Do you or someone you know use Fedora in an interesting way? We’re always looking for new contributors to write awesome, relevant content. The Magazine is run by the Fedora community — and that’s all of us. You can help too!


What content does the Magazine need?

Glad you asked. We often feature material for desktop users, since there are many of them out there! But that’s not all we publish. We want the Magazine to feature lots of different content for the general public.

Sysadmins and power users

We love to publish articles for system administrators and power users who dive under the hood. Here are some recent examples:


We don’t forget about developers, either. We want to help people use Fedora to build and make incredible things. Here are some recent articles focusing on developers:

Interviews, projects, and links

We also feature interviews with people using Fedora in interesting ways. We even link to other useful content about Fedora. We’ve run interviews recently with people using Fedora to educate, power lasers, or create better photography. If you find content about Fedora you think would be interesting to our readers, let us know.

How do I get started?

It’s easy to start writing for Fedora Magazine! You just need to have decent skill in written English, since that’s the language in which we publish. Our editors can help polish your work for maximum impact.

Follow this easy process to get involved.

The writers and editors use the Fedora Marketing mailing list to plan future articles. Create a new thread to that list and introduce yourself. If you have some ideas for posts, add them to your message as well. The Magazine team will then guide you through getting started. The team also hangs out on #fedora-mktg on Freenode. Drop by, and we can help you get started.

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  1. I joined the mailing list a month or two ago and introduced myself and got no reply .

    • Hey Martino, did you receive a notification about whether your email went to the queue? I’m looking for an email with your name but I’m not finding anything. If you’re having difficulties with email, you can also use the graphical website to send mail to the list. Hopefully this will help resolve your problem, I will be paying extra close attention for any new intros. Try resending your introduction once again and see if that works!

  2. Dale A. Raby

    I’ve been using Fedora for a while now. Charles Profitt has my information for the How do You Fedora series. I suppose I could contribute some stuff once in a while. Fair warning, though, I am many things, but definitely NOT an IT professional.

    Hmmm…. I use Mutt for email. Got started with it mostly because Mae Ling Mak used it (and still does I gather) and I wanted to prove I was as smart as she is. Discovered that I am not, but I still got my Mutt relatively well-trained. Putting together a .muttrc file might make a good story.

    In any case, I hold copyright on three books and have written articles for Linux Gazette. Just Google my name and you’ll find my stuff online.

    Lemme know if you think I could contribute something or just gimme an assignment. Its been some while since I worked to a deadline, but I think I still remember how to get to the -30- mark.

    Yep, I am indeed THAT old!

  3. Bruno Raphael

    Interesting , but I am Brazilian. Could I help with something? As in some translations to Portuguese or posts like “how to” ?

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