1. Get a Fedora FAS Account

If you don’t already have one, sign up for a Fedora Account System (FAS) account here.

2. Sign in to the Fedora Magazine

Now, using your FAS Account, sign into the Fedora Magazine here.

3. Join the Magazine list, introduce yourself, and request to be an Author

Next up, subscribe to the Fedora Magazine mailing list (this is where we discuss everything to do with the Fedora Magazine) and introduce yourself and tell us that you wish to contribute to the Fedora Magazine. A Fedora Magazine editor will then grant you access to be able to create and edit posts, and submit them for review.

4. Put together and propose your pitch

Create a new post (in “Pitch” status) in the Fedora Magazine WordPress admin interface. Pitch is the default status for a new post. In your newly-created post, write a brief outline of your post, what it will contain, and the target audience. The Fedora Magazine’s primary audience is Fedora users — including sysadmins and developers too — but in some cases we have content directed at both Fedora users and contributors. Be sure to read this quick guide on writing a pitch to organize your writing and make it easier for an editor to review your pitch.

Once you’re happy with your pitch, email the Fedora Magazine mailing list with a preview link to your pitch idea in the Magazine. The Magazine editors will review your idea and give you some feedback, and hopefully approve your idea for a Magazine article. We do this because we don’t want you to waste time on writing a full article for the Magazine, just for it not to be suitable for the Magazine in the end. Don’t write the whole article before this step. Let us help you focus it well for best results.

5. Write your draft and propose for review

Now that you have an approved pitch, you can go ahead and write your article. Here’s a template you can use to structure your article well, and make it as useful as possible for readers. Make sure you set the article status from “Pitch” to “Draft” once you receive approval.

As you write your draft, make sure you understand the style, grammar, and SEO guidelines for the Magazine. Don’t skip this step! The guidelines tell you how to use markup, write better sentences, and get your article ranked well in search engines. Also, if you write a better article, the editors are more likely to publish it sooner.

When you’re completely finished, submit the article for review. Set your article’s Status as Pending review in the Publish box at top right, and email the mailing list. The editors will review your draft, and provide feedback to you via the mailing list. Please note that once you mark your article as Pending review the editors assume you believe the article is ready to publish.

6. Posting

Once the editor has approved the post, it will either be published immediately or scheduled to post at a future date.