Weather updates with OpenWeather GNOME Shell extension

If you have ever wanted weather updates on your Desktop, one of the easiest and neatest ways with the OpenWeather GNOME Shell extension. This nifty extension provides an always-visible display of the current weather status and temperature in the top bar of Fedora Workstation. If you open up the weather status monitor, it will also provide you with more details on the current weather, including a forcast for upcoming days, wind, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and sunrise & sunset times for the current location.


The OpenWeather GNOME Shell extension also allows you to specify a number of different locations to display weather data for. So if you are travelling a lot to different locations you can easily switch between them, or simply view the weather of where you would rather be. The extension also provides a range of other options for tweaking the display of how your weather is displayed. Tweakable options include changing the units of measurement, displaying more information in the topbar, and providing more days of future forecasts.


By default (and as the name of the extension suggests) the extension pulls the weather data down from OpenWeatherMap, but in the settings you can change the source to darksky.

Installing on Fedora Workstation

There are two ways to install the OpenWeather Shell Extension on Fedora workstation, either via the official Fedora repositories, or directly from the GNOME Shell Extensions directory website.

Installing from the Fedora repositories is done with the command:

sudo dnf install gnome-shell-extension-openweather

Note that you will need to logout of your current user session and log back in to make the extension load when installing from the Fedora Repositories.














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  1. Leslie Satenstein

    Hi Ryan
    I enjoy your postings, truly a labour of love. (of Linux).
    From this posting, I would guess that you live around Brisbane Australia.

    Happy New Year from Canada (Montreal)

  2. celso

    Thank you! very good aplication for see the weather!

  3. Period22

    Just a great extension. Deceptively simple, but does everything a weather extension should be doing.

  4. Cheng

    This is very useful. One of several alternatives for KDE desktop users is the weather widget (

  5. Jim Becker

    does not work on my system. Installed from repositories, logged out and back in but app didn’t appear in top bar. I restarted computer and got same result.

    • Hey Jim ,

      If you have used Tweak Tool on your system to customise Gnome in some way you’ll need to open Tweak Tool and enable the openweather extension through the extensions menu. It worked for me.

  6. Eric Lester

    Doesn’t work for me, either. Same as Jim Becker. Fedora 25, installed from repositories. Logged off, no extension when logged back on. Shut down and restarted, still not there.

  7. Piers

    Awesome, thanks, very cool!

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