Fedora 26 Workstation Wallpapers

The release of Fedora 26 is just around the corner, and the choices for wallpapers in Fedora Workstation are pretty amazing. In addition to the Fedora 26 Default Wallpaper and the GNOME 3.24 Adwaita background, Fedora Workstation now includes a new set of standard backgrounds.

Default Fedora 26 Wallpaper

Every release, the Fedora Design Team creates a default desktop background for Fedora. The Fedora 26 default is:

In addition to the static wallpaper, an ‘animated’ version is also available. This wallpaper transitions slowly throughout the day:


The animated variant of the default wallpaper is not installed by default on Fedora Workstation. To get it, use the command:

sudo dnf install f26-backgrounds-animated

New standard wallpapers

In the past, Fedora included the GNOME set of backgrounds by default in the Fedora Workstation backgrounds chooser. In Fedora 26, the following backgrounds are available by default:

After a fresh install of Fedora Workstation, you will no longer get the GNOME backgrounds by default (other than the Adwaita background). These backgrounds are still available in the repositories in the


package. When doing an upgrade to Fedora 26 Workstation, you will get both the new Fedora set, and the GNOME set.

If some of the new standard wallpapers look familiar, that is likely due to the fact that they were all previously Supplemental Wallpapers in previous releases. Looking for even more wallpapers? Check out the Supplemental Wallpapers for Fedora 26, as well as ones for previous releases.

Adwaita Backgrounds

Fedora Workstation also ships with the Adwaita backgrounds that GNOME changes for each release. The standard Adwaita backgrounds for Fedora 26 Workstation (GNOME 3.24) are:

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  1. hhlp

    Can you check this Issue:


    This def-keepin-fedora-beautiful-f26 – This badge has never been awarded!

    when this badged is going to be assigned

    Regards., thx in advanced

  2. icywind

    Why don’t you just include both sets instead of dropping Gnome wallpapers?
    That is why we need Gnome OS

  3. Matthew Bunt

    There are still gnome-backgrounds and gnome-backgrounds-extra

  4. A animated wallpaper ? This will be the next feature of Fedora distro ? Good work.

    • it is not animated! it is just 3 wallpapers that cycle through morning day night 🙂

  5. Leguis

    Can the fedora team create a special sound when the logo finish its booting process? it will be nice to have something there!

  6. I already have the supplemental wallpapers installed so they’re nothing new, but the new default animated wallpaper looks intriguing and I’m looking forward to trying it out:)

  7. This is the most beautiful default wallpaper in Fedora up to now. I really love it.
    The extra wallpapers are awesome as usual.
    But I particularly like the animated background. Thanks!

  8. Roger Hammer

    I like the new default backgrounds…change is good.

  9. Gaurav Sitlani

    sudo dnf install f26-backgrounds-animated

    Tried this,

    Last metadata expiration check: 0:00:17 ago on Mon Jul 10 13:26:33 2017.
    No package f26-backgrounds-animated available.
    Error: Unable to find a match.

    Got this error.

    • Hi Gaurav!

      Are you trying to install this on a Fedora 26 install? this package is only available in Fedora 26.

  10. Frederick Grose

    Please provide some information on the origin and development of the default image (the mirrored trees).

  11. Rex

    And… how to use the animated desktop wallpaper on KDE? I am trying to achieve this, but still I can’t figure out a way to load/use the XML file. When I add it as a static wallpaper the screen simply turns black, when I use the slideshow option the wallpapers load, but there is no all-day transition – they simply change from one to another at a given interval of time.

    • Saurav Sengupta

      I would very much like this on KDE too. It seems that there isn’t an equivalent feature in Plasma (yet). Perhaps something could be developed with QML, etc.?

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