Fedora 26 will look awesome with supplemental wallpapers

The Fedora Design team works with the community for each release, on a set of 16 additional wallpapers. Users can install and use these to supplement the standard wallpaper. The Fedora Design team encourages submissions from the whole community. Fedora contributors then use the Nuancier app to vote on the top 16 to include.

Voting has closed on the extra wallpapers for Fedora 26 and Fedora Contributors had 15 days time to choose from 92 submissions. A total of 257 Fedora contributors voted. The results page for the voting contains the breakdown of votes, as well as links to the full-size versions of the images.They chose the following 16 backgrounds to be included in Fedora 26.

We congratulate all the winners, and we look forward to many high-quality submissions for Fedora 27

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  1. Maimela

    wow, they really beautiful, how does one get them on fedora 25?

  2. VK Joseph


  3. Arlansyah

    seems beautiful

  4. Leslie Satenstein

    The above are some very beautiful images. My complements to the photographers and to the designers and to the individuals who selected them.

    I tested them against my Fedora26 Alpha, and they are great and for all tastes.

    I wrote a small makexml.sh program that presents each image on my desktop for a defined period of hours, and then switches to the next one. Just one way I choose to enjoy all of them throughout the day.

    • john252

      Thanks Leslie! Will you share the script with us?

      • norel

        what i know, gnome already provides such a mechanism
        in wallpaper settings, it’s the wallpaper with the clock symbol
        i think it is the xml file in the wallpaper folder of the system

      • Leslie Satenstein

        To where do I post it?

    • Plasma does this already 🙂 Configure desktop -> Wallpaper -> select “slideshow” from Layout

      You can also specify the interval.

  5. Maimela

    hello, so like i was busy checking out the fedora magazine past topics and i was just wondering, don’t you make some kind of repository for old fedora wallpapers!! some of us love photography and wouldn’t mind if my desktop changed until it breaks. just a thought

  6. liam

    All of these are lovely.
    Very nice job folks!

    A slight criticism I have is that our photos tends towards the pastoral. There are opportunities for capturing beauty in any place. So, more urban settings, action shots (these, typically, require dslrs, though), b/w compositions, and maybe even portraits (properly licensed, of course)….now I’M feeling motivated to submit something:)

  7. The above are some very nice pictures. My additions photographers and designers and for the chosen ones.

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