Every release the Fedora Design team collaborates with the Fedora community to release a set of 16 additional backgrounds to install and use on Fedora. The Fedora Design team takes submissions from the wider Fedora Community, then votes on the top 16 for inclusion in the next release. You can check out the backgrounds chosen for Fedora 23 lower down in this post.

Installing and using the additional backgrounds on Workstation

To install the additional backgrounds on Fedora 23 Workstation, simply install the package with the following command in the terminal:

$ sudo dnf install f23-backgrounds-extras-gnome

Once that is installed, simply open up the background chooser in Fedora Workstation, and the glorious new Fedora 23 backgrounds will be in the list to choose from:

choosing background

Installing on a Fedora Spin

If you are using one of the Fedora Spins, you can also download these backgrounds in a package specifically tailored to your spin, so the backgrounds show up in your preferred desktop environment. For the KDE Spin, install the f23-backgrounds-extras-kde package. For the XFCE Spin, install the f23-backgrounds-extras-xfce package. For the MATE spin, install the f23-backgrounds-extras-mate package.

The backgrounds in Fedora 23