The new Fedora Project Leader is…

Matthew Miller (also known online as mattdm)

UPDATE: has just published a great interview with Matt

Matthew Miller

Robyn Bergeron (the outgoing FPL) has just annouced that the new Fedora Project Leader is Matthew Miller. Jump over to Robyn’s Blog for the full announcement.

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  1. Congrats Matt!

  2. Luya Tshimbalanga

    Congrats Matt! Also thank you for Robyn for being an excellent leader.

  3. Cory Hilliard

    Just an idea to think about for Fedora’s direction…

    The three top distros on distrowatch are all .deb distros. Mint, Ubumtu, Debian… I’m positive that it is because Ubuntu made it their goal to be an ease-of-use distro that focused on the home user’s experience. Ubumtu is claiming they are the top cloud/openstack distro, something that might be true because they have a large user-base.

    Why? I believe it’s because of their original goal of focusing on the home user. I’ve been saying this for over 10 years… if you get the home users, you get younger/child adopters. Younger adopters grow up to be devs and business leaders of the future.

    You guys have a goal and a focus of gaining more of the user-share/mind-share with the .next project… well it isn’t going to happen unless you focus on ease-of-use and a home-based distro.

    Good luck Matt, I wish for you much success.

  4. EP

    (Can we please get Disqus here to sync with your WordPress comments? I just lost a 20 minuet comment to this comment box.)

    @ Corey Hillard – I totally agree, Fedora needs to have a well defined “purpose” and target demographic. I have 5 peoples computers in this house on ElementaryOS because it appeals to Linux Desktop Users more than Windows 8 – and this is California, which is supposed to be Apple & Microsoft’s stronghold.

    Just like a Movie has a category, Linux Distros have target demographics. Movies can be: Action Movies, Love Stories, Horrors, etc…

    Fedora doesn’t do outperform in any of the key Linux Demographics when compared against other Distros.

    o ) Arch is for the Die Hard Pro Linux users.
    o ) ElementaryOS is for Home Users who want a simple well made product.
    o ) SteamOS is for Gaming.
    o ) CentOS / Red Hat is for Servers

    What does Fedora do that outperforms other Distros? To be blunt – Fedora is a mutt because it kindof appeals to all demographics as a middle haven, It has things like a Software Center, but it’s not as useful as Ubuntu’s Software Center which is their big draw. It kindof is for Hardcore Geeks, but then again Arch has a better Wiki, Forums & HowTo’s. And its not really a Server, as CentOS, RedHat, etc… are king.

    Fedora needs to fit into a Linux Distro Genre for a specific demographic. You can disagree all you want, but in the future if Fedora doesn’t know what it is It will always be 3rd or 4th place.

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